Friday, November 07, 2008

Helping me....

Yes, Jennifer – you Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood. You, my dear, are helping me to Keep My Sanity. I remember my mom talking about keeping her sanity with five kids – me I’m only trying to keep my sanity with one kid, a husband, 30 chickens, 12 cats, 196 sheep (current count), 1 llama, 1 donkey, and 2 border collies, a trip to Stitches in Maryland, and a book photo shoot in a little more than a week.

I’ve been knitting a lot for upcoming projects and I am loving Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood’s Podcasts over at
Craft Sanity. Jennifer's interviews are so good to knit or fix dinner by. Jennifer definitely gives a fabulous podcast - the interviews are long, detailed, and really fun to listen to. I like listening because she helps me find out what makes others in similar fields tick.

And yes……. I forgot – the other day, I was interviewed by Kathy Elkins on the
Ready, Set, Knit Podcast. You can listen to it via Itunes - it is #103. I probaly didn’t say much new to anyone who reads this blog but it is always nice to add another podcast to my sidebar…….

I am so going to need a good nap this Sunday when I return from Maryland - like our sweet little kitties Tommie and Pippi.


Anonymous said...

Willow said...

Why do we always think, next week, next month, after the summer, after the holidays, that our lives will be quieter? Never happens. But consider the alternative!

I'm loving those little Christmas ornaments and plan to make a few myself!

Sherral said...

I total agree! the craft sanity podcasts are awesome!