Friday, February 20, 2009

Cora, Jackson, Julia, and Winter

Cora's lamb is growing like crazy. She must have a massive amount of milk -- he's one of the biggest lambs we have.

Here's the scene late one winter afternoon. I love the look of all these neutral colors - the sheep, the hay, the manure, and Jeremy the llama. That's Cora and Jackson right out front. See how big he is! He still has his tail because we don't remove the tails on the ram lambs unless we plan to use them for breeding stock. You can read about how we remove the tails here.

Inside the barn, Julia was goofing with a brand new little lamb. The hat she is wearing is one I am working on a pattern for which will be for sale on my website - soon - I hope!

Later in the afternoon the sun was getting low and making beautiful shadows on the ride home.

Enjoy this late winter weekend.


karenfae said...

I love the photo of your daughter with the lamb draped over her shoulder! reminds me of a scene in the childrens book "Secret Garden" when Colin has a lamb over his shoulders.

Deborah said...

Wow, Cora's lamb is large. She's a pretty mama. I love the photo of Julia and the lamb. As always, thank you for the happy images. I look forward to them every day!

Dianne said...

Such a cute hat (as is the model)!I'll be looking forward to the pattern. I have some Julia yarn in my stash that is waiting for just such a project!

shortoldlady said...

Thank you for the smile!! Julia AND the lamb look happy!

Nanci said...

There's an old saying "how do you get attention?" Well in this case, we all just show up to view the blog and we're hooked!
I love the lamb on Julia's neck, so flexible too! Yes, here in Canada we are having the same weather.....cold!

Helz said...

Kristin, the lambs are darling--what a lot of work. Your daughter is precious and your pictures are wonderful.

Mama Urchin said...

We were at our local sheep farm this weekend and my daughter got to bottle feed a lamb. She was over the moon. They also remove the tails with the elastic band.