Thursday, February 19, 2009

They're Outside

The "house lambs" have adjusted to the great outdoors although they still wish they were living inside. They wake up pretty early and have discovered how to get out of their fenced in area. They wait at the back door and baaaaaa like nothing you have ever heard. It's a different king of alarm clock - baaaahhhhh-ing lambs instead of the cheep, cheep, cheep of the digital one that sits beside the bed. They all fight for who is going to eat first.

Last night they survived their first snowstorm snug in the "calf hutch" we have for just such animal emergency occassions. I'll try to get some snaps of them in the snow although it doesn't look like it is going to last long.

Phoebe is still watching them although now she has to brave the elements. Surely not as much fun for her.


Eva said...

They must be pretty tough to change from a warm kitchen into the snow outside!

Anonymous said...

how is the Pheebs?


Nanci said...

Ah, they are saying "let me in Mommy, please."
My husband is looking at your blog and loving it too.
Your kitchen must seem bare with out the pitter patter of little feet! Good shot of Phoebe!
Do you spin your own wool? Just wondering!

Kim said...

My daughter and I just love the sheep photos and stories!

Karin said...

I don't know too much about dogs, but that Phoebe looks like a good girl.