Monday, March 09, 2009

Lovely to Look At.....

My friends over at Nashua Handknits have totally revamped their website - it is beautiful and you should take a look at it here. Boy - there is a lot to explore - like this page showing their premiere issue of the Nashua Handknits Magazine. They shot a bunch of the photos in my house and on our farm. The model here is holding one of last year's little lambs which is all grown up.

Here's a pullover design I did for the magazine last year. I kept it simple by only having the colorwork at the bottom of the design. They shot that photo in my kitchen in front of my antique corner cupboard full of all my dishes. Good thing the dust didn't show.

They also revamped all the yarn pages. The new layout of the Julia colors on the website is astoundingly beautiful. Check it out here.

For all you Ravelry addicts - there are tons of features just for you. If you become a member of the Nashua Handknits website, there are all kinds of advanced options and goodies available. Wow - living with dial-up - I never knew such things existed. Check it out today.


Thistledew Farm said...

I checked out her site - some awesome yarn! I loved her patterns which inspires me to take up knitting. Knitted sweaters are way cooler than crocheted ones!

Kate G. said...

Thanks for the heads-up, Kristin. I'm so over there. Also, swatched Julia for the first time (I'm a slow adapter) and really liked the hand and the saturated color.

Kim said...

I bought that magazine just for your article and the photos taken on your farm!

Amie Reid, Web Developer said...

Thanks for the nice comments about the new site Kristin! We put a lot of thought into what would appeal to our knitters/crocheters!

Don't forget that we offer a search feature by Designer, so Kristin fans can find all the great patterns you've contributed at Nashua Handknits! Of course, if you run out of those beautiful Julia colors, the store locator is ideal to find your nearest yarn shop.

Your interest is appreciated and feedback is always welcome.

Amie Reid
Web Developer