Friday, May 29, 2009

What I've Been Doing.....

Besides STILL working on the proofs for my upcoming book "Color by Kristin" and fixing a bunch of Illustrator drawings, things have been even more busy around here. I've been working on a website for our Leyden Glen Lamb business which my web guru Lori will hopefully be putting up next week. It's almost complete! Wouldn't you know that the people who take care of my server, etc. decided to move this week with no notice. No wonder noone would call me back..... Frustrating to say the least. Hopefully next week..... I'll announce, of course, when it is up!

I've been painting signs like crazy so there is some signage for our farm and self-serve stand. We live off the beaten path so this whole thing is a crap-shoot. We'll see if we sell anything..... It does look quite cute though, if I must say so. If you do want to come and buy lamb meat, you can find the driving directions temporarily on a Leyden Glen Lamb blog I set up as a "stop gap" measure.

I missed the series on NPR about the "Five Farms" but it looks like you can download it. Maybe when I go to the library the next time, if I can remember..... I just found out that the Producer of the series, Wesley Horner, is local. Small world.


Willow said...

Love the barn and signs. Good luck!

Leslie said...

Bonne chance!

Sarah Dedmon said...

Lovely sign!

Can I ask, are the Julia yarns discontinued? I'm having a heck of a time finding them.

I moved to TX from Central MA two years ago. Last night I went to hear the Yarn Harlot speak here in TX, and took the opportunity to *finally* get myself a copy of Kristin Knits, I am drooling! I am so inspired by the socks, and the scarves too. So I'm off to my local shop before we head east for the summer.

AND whilst in Maine for June I will be taking lots of lovely colorful wool to try your Granny Squares blanket. Really looking forward to it.

Nice to read a bit of the Northeast from down here in the South.

Best -

Sarah Dedmon

mascanlon said...

I would run off to find the farm post haste...but I'm afraid it wouldn't hold up well on the drive home to SoCal.

Turtle said...

love the new signage!!

Lori Gayle said...

I'll jump in here and answer for Kristin. I hope she doesn't mind. :-)

Julia yarn has definitely *not* been discontinued. In fact, I think the distributor Nashua Handknits is even adding some new colors this fall.

There is a list of retailers who stock Julia on Kristin's web page here:

The list is from last year and therefore may not be completely up to date. There is contact information for Nashua Handknits on the same page, so you can get in touch with them for an update.

You may also find shops that carry Julia on Nashua's own web site ( under their "Find a Yarn Shop" heading.

If you search on Google for "Julia Yarn" that will also turn up a number of mail order sources.