Thursday, September 03, 2009

Little Worlds in Maine

Here are some microcosms from our Maine vacation a couple of weeks ago. I love what the camera lense captures. It's hard to see it all from 5 feet up but then when I look at my computer screen, it's all there. Enjoy.

A walk in the woods on an island in Maine is such an experience for the senses. The mosses and lichen that grow below all the lovely trees are little worlds into themselves.

Not far from these mosses, we walked along a rocky beach. I love how the texture of the seaweed echoes the shape of the lichen found in the woods.

We collected a lot of lovely round, ocean tumbled rocks. Julia went for pink tones. No surprise ther! She had to beg her Dad to help carry her load. He succumbed, of course.

I too love to look for beach rocks. Of course, I go for the greenish tinged rocks. No surprise there, either.

This pink shell looked lovely amongst the bracken colored seaweed.

Even the laundry looks nice hanging out on the line in Maine.

It's all such a fleeting memory but I can still smell the ocean in my mind, feel the wind whispering across my face, watch the curtains blowing in the breeze. Thank you so much to Sally for having us back again.


Kathleen C. said...

We visitd the coast of maine for our friends' wedding this time last year. I was just looking at the photos and realized that I had taken more than a dozen of the tree bark textures, tidal rocks, and a fabulously lichen covered stone outcropping.
I wish I could capture the colors and textures in my textiles...

Willow said...

You have captured the essence of a Maine island vacation perfectly with these photos.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous pictures! Thanks for sharing that.