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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Our Island Sojourn

The summer flew by at warp speed this year. The beginning month of rain did not help, I must say. Besides making farming pretty impossible, it sure did make everyone around here feel pretty gypped of classic summer days. But enough moaning......

My family and I have been lucky to be invited to my friend Sally's house on Swan's Island off the coast of Maine since the late 1980's. A couple weeks ago, we loaded the dogs, all of us, and lots of farm fresh food into the car and went off on another island adventure. If you have never had the chance to visit an island in Maine, put it on your list of "must-see's." It is a very special experience, everytime we go.

It takes a lot for us to leave our farm as a complete family. We are fortunate to have neighbors who are farmers and comfortable with caring for large numbers of sheep. That is the only way we can get away as a family. The Farmer doesn't like to leave but he does every once in awhile. (Julia and I on the other hand, take off frequently!) He worries a lot for the week before we leave. There are fences to prepare and instructions to give. Then we all cross our fingers and head off.

Riding on the ferry gives the vacation just the right bit of adventure and exoticism. We left Bass Harbor on the "Henry Lee."

Julia has been to Swan's Island many times although she can't remember any trip but the one we took 2 years ago. She was really excited to just go away.

We had all kinds of island adventures - visiting the different beaches.....

visiting Burnt Coat Lighthouse ....

and drinking tea every afternoon....

and best of all, eating lobsters. Here is Sally's neighbor David rowing in our dinner freshly caught on his lobster boat.

We were there for Hurricane Bill. I've never been on the island for a hurricane and we all were glued to the weather on the t.v. wondering how hard the storm would hit. It sure did rain a lot and there were some cloudy days. The day after the storm, we drove around the island watching all the waves. It was amazing - incredibly blue skies and lots of folks out doing the same thing we were. We were careful to stay far away from the enormous waves but it was incredibly entertaining.

Julia delivering some peace and love on a walk above the rock beach.

This wave surprised the heck out of Nessie. She might be sheep savvy but she sure isn't ocean savvy.

Sadly, we had to leave Swan's and return to our regular lives. But we will keep it in our heart until we get to visit again.


Willow said...

Lovely holiday!

Patricia said...

We haven't had a vacation this year, and we are just taking days off here and there. The economy, and we have a lovely home why leave it! I do love the ocean thought, the water is always different, beautiful, a creature unto itself.

marit said...

What a wonderful vacation! Cute teacosy;-)

And poor Nessie...my sister has a border collie that will never go into the water, but years ago we had one that would jump in the ocean any given chance!

Mereknits said...

Glad you had awonderful time. Its looks beautiful, I love Maine.
Love the tea cozy and the thought of tea in Maine in the afternoon.

Penny said...

what a nice holiday break. i love maine and am very happy you are all safe after the hurricane and your travels.

Michele in Maine said...

I love Swan's Island! Lucky for me, it's right in my own backyard, but I haven't made it out there this year.

I'm glad you got to experience a wide range of weather! I hope some of the days were the glorious sunny ones we enjoyed here in August. I"m with you in feeling like we got gypped out of summer (big time!). But now it is September, which is truly the most glorious month here.

Thanks for sharing the great photos.

Marissa said...

I live on the island next door to swan's- Frenchboro. (We share the Henry Lee.)
Had I known we had visiting royalty, I would have made sure all the stops were put out for you! I hope you enjoyed your stay, and ate your fill of lobster!

Whosyergurl said...

looks delicious.
I have always wanted to go to Maine. Still on my list.
This year, we will visit the pacific northwest. Another place I've never been.
Cheryl in IN

mascanlon said...

We're a So california family but this sure looks lovely and so nice to have time away from the usual routine.

Gigi said...

What a wonderful vacation. Maine looks so lovely and cool. I want to go there. Actually, I want to spend the entire summer there!
And love that little tea cosy. Did you make it?

Kelley Hart said...

So inspiring! I must visit. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

What pattern is that cosy???? do you know, Kristin? or maybe I can figure it out..heee heeee

What a wonderful time relaxing.


Anonymous said...

I too was caught staring at the cosy -- it surely looks like one of yours! Is the pattern published? I think that just might have inspired me out of the summer no-knitting blues! :D


Mt. Mom said...

Something about the image of (the Farmer?) gazing back at the island off the stern of the boat just grabs my heart and makes it ache. Do we all have times like that, things we know we'll *long* for....