Friday, October 16, 2009

Another Color by Kristin Preview + I'm Back from Detroit

I'm back from Detroit after taping six new segments for the upcoming season of Knit & Crochet Today. I'm rather exhausted and trying to fit back into my normal every day life which I welcome.

On my way back, I spent quite a few hours waiting for a plane at the Detroit Airport (which is very nice). I picked up some mags I usually don't read, except for when I am on business trips. In the new issue of MacLife, I stumbled upon this two page spread about Dinglab's Laptop Sock made of "eco-tex" certified 50% acrylic/50% cotton yarn. I just got such a charge out of seeing knitting in this magazine.

Which leads me to my next preview from Color By Kristin. It is a Felted Laptop Cosy which I think is miles prettier than this Dinglab cotton/acrylic version. My laptop cosy is knit in the round in my Julia Wool/Mohair/Alpaca yarn in a lovely Fair Isle pattern and garter stitch stripes using colors Lady's Mantle, Deep Blue Sea, Rock Henna, and Magenta. I designed it to fit 3 different sizes of laptops. I just sent it off to Soho to participate in the traveling trunk show of "Color by Kristin" projects, otherwise I would sure be using it! The finished felted cosy is so thick and lovely. You can order signed copies of my new book here.

Here are some scenes from "behind the scenes" at Knit and Crochet Now - yes, that is a new name! The new season will start airing in January on over 125 PBS stations. There are so many really great projects this year. It was great fun demo-ing them all. I spent hours and hours with Candi Jensen (the Producer), Susan Levin (Candi's assistant and author in her own right), The Host Brett Bara, and "experts" Drew Emborsky, Maggie Pace, and Myra Wood (Robin Chachula's replacement while she is on maternity leave).

Here is the staging area we hung around in while waiting to go on the air.

Here are the needles, hooks and tools we used on air that were supplied by one of the underwriters - Boye Needle Co.

Here's my crocheted afghan and embroidered pillows decorating the blue velvet couch. Don't they look great?? So cheerful.

Here is the overhead camera that films the close-ups of my hands as I am knitting. You have to be careful to hold your work under it and not stick your head into the frame. It's a bit difficult but after some practice I was all set. That is Brett, The Host and Fred, The Floor Manager in the bottom right of the photo.

Here are the stairs where Brett, The Host, introduces and closes the shows. Each time she is filmed, the lights and cameras have to be moved.

Here is the table I demo-ed at.

Here are my "step-outs" all lined up and ready to talk about. Yes, I had to knit all of them.......

Here's more stuff necessary to make the show.

And then, my camera died! These photos don't include the "control room" and all the folks sitting back there!

All in all, this was a great experience. I am so much more relaxed at appearing on t.v now - it's even fun!

I'll be at Stitches next weekend - on Friday and Saturday. When I'm not teaching, I'll be in the Westminster Fibers booth so stop by!


Sarah said...

I know I'm supposed to want to knit the laptop cozy....but I want to order the book & the cozy :)

HOA Mgr Lady said...

Did they dress you? Did you get free clothes ? Make up ? Hair? Freebies?

Alison said...

Yay! How exciting for you! Congrats on your wonderful success!!
And yes, your afghan and pillows look so cheery!

Susan said...

Oh, what a great post! Love behind the scenes stuff. Thanks for sharing that. Can't wait to see the new season but I have to get it on DVD because it isn't shown in my area.

I don't know how I'm going to choose the first project to knit from your book. I can't wait to get it.

Hope you are well and getting settled in.
susan b anderson

Christine said...

HEY! I'm from there!!! so where are these studios? PBS ones, right?

I love that you showed the different steps as I always wondered how they produce these shows.

Thanks Kristin...and wasn't the weather icky? I'm glad you had nice things to say about the Detroit airport.

Willow said...

So much work and effort go in to ONE show segment.

Okate said...

The book arrived today. Thank you, Kristin. It's the best yet and packed with tips and charts. I love ordering direct from the author and I really love that you have kept up designing wonderful projects. Tell Julia that her mother rocks my fiber world! You are my Hannah Montana.

Michelle in Bellingham, WA said...

Dear Kristin:

I just came home to your new book and read it cover to cover without stopping (to my husband's dismay!). It is spectacular! The text is warm and instructive, reading it feels like listening to you speak. You somehow make colorwork, reading charts, steeking, and even designing approachable. The technical content in the book is extremely well documented and well organized. The projects are so very lovely as well. This book is a remarkable confluence of the personal and the professional, I agree it is your best yet.

Thank you so much for your hard work and sharing your vision with the rest of us.