Thursday, October 01, 2009

Good Morning Sunshine!

My mom used to say this to us every morning! What did your mom say to you?


Diane H K in Greenfield said...

Mom would sing, "Good morning, good morning, good morning to you! Everyone rise and shine!" We'd collectively groan and haul ourselves out of our beds, slug down some coffee or warm cocoa depending on one's age, and head out to the barn for chores. This was typically well before dawn.

Sharon said...

Our morning song was "Good Morning to you, Good Morning to you, we're all in our places with bright shiney faces, good morning to you!" Not being a morning person, this song was like grating chalk to me...but you guessed it, I now sing that song to wake up my two

Mary said...

My mom would say "Rise and Shine Sleepyheads" or sing the "Good Morning" (like Sharon's mom)

Turtle said...

great pic kristin! hmmm, i was usually up before my mom in the morning so until mom had her coffee.... not much was said! smile

Jocelyn said...

Time to get up, lazybones. She meant it in the best way, I guess, because it usually came with kisses. She would sometimes since that song "Lazybones, sleeping in the sun, time to get your day's work done, etc."

KPiep said...

Until the day I left for college, Mom greeted me every morning with a song:

Good Morning Merry Sunshine,
How Did You Wake So Soon?
You Scared the Little Birds Awake,
And Shined Away the Moon!

When I was in college I discovered that a friend of mine - another Kristin L.P. (I'm a Kristin L. P., too)- had been sung the very same song by her mother...with a second verse.

I Did Not Go To Sleep, Dear Child,
I Just Went Round To See...
The Little Children In The East,
Who Rise And Sing For Me!

I now sing that song to my little girls!

Heather L. said...

I do remember mom singing some little ditty: "good morning, good morning, good morning, it's time to rise and shine...."

anne said...

at our house our dad woke us up with time to get up, or on rare days, a song that started out "wake up wake up you little sleepy heads. it's time to get yourself up out of bed." or something like that. with the baby sister i wake her up with "wakie wakie eggs and bacey" she doesn't find it funny at all. something about never having bacon even when i say it :)

ellen said...

Oh, Kristin...such memories. My mother would sing the same song as above:Good morning Mary Sunshine. She always came in softly and woke me gently with that song.
Aside here..I am trying to rejuvenate an old table that I love. I am attempting to do some sunflower collages on it after taking off the old (what do you call that stuff?)..Oh, I know, veneer. If it turns out o.k. I will try to post a picture of it to you, if that is all right. I am always grateful to you and your family for inspiring us to plant loads and loads of sunflowers this late spring. Alas, here they are on their last legs..but what joy they have brought me throughout the summer. Thanks! And thanks for all of the color and beauty that I can enjoy here. It's a blessing each day when you post.

Anonymous said...

I don't remember what Mom said (though I rather doubt it was "good morning, sunshine" as I'm rather, um, grumpy in the morning - to put it mildly).

Dad however, was most memorable on a Saturday morning singing

It's time to get up,
it's time to get up,
it's time to get up in the morning.
Good morning to ya,
and Hallelujah!

At an ear-splitting volume, and very early. He always woke up around 5:30 or 6:00 in the morning (at almost 70, he still wakes up early but not quite that early - he "sleeps in"...until about 7 a.m.).

Either he was lonely (my Mom is a confirmed night owl) and was quite sound asleep at that hour, or he was intent on putting me to work (gardening, mowing, moving mulch or soil amendments, helping gather wood, being the carpenter's helper...) - not much appreciated by a teenager on a Saturday morning!

Anonymous said...

"When are you planning on getting up?"
If she wanted to be especially funny, she would shake the foot of the matress. "That's how the Pullman porters wake you before the train pulls in to town".
-- Gretchen

Anonymous said...

"Good morning little yellow bird"

It was either because I had yellow pajamas, the ones with feet (called "feety pajamas") or because I had made her a ceramic yellow bird in school. She still has that bird on her table and she's in her eighties.

Anonymous said...

"... Let's go! Did you hear me? You're going to miss the bus!"

Catherine inFrance said...

when I was a teenager I had to get up very early on mondays to go to high school. My father who was an early bird used to wake me up whistling softly and when I got out of the bathroom still half asleep and in a bad mood he looked at me with a teasing smile and said : bonjour, mignonne !
He died last month and this bonjour mignonne is one of the many little memories of him I cherish.

Mom on Health Patrol said...

Hmmm, I don't remember! But I do wake up my youngest with "Good morning Sunshine" or "Good morning Kitten" (cause he's warm and soft under the covers).

yardsailor said...

My Mother belonged to the "Good Morning, Good Morning to you" club, sung in her wonderfully off key voice. My brother and I would pretend to cry most mornings, just at the sound. I of course carried on this tradition with my own two children in my equally horrible singing voice. Thanks for the memories.

Anonymous said...

My mother slept in, but my father used to sing in his not-so-shabby tenor -- on weekends, at least:
"Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day. (that woke me)... I've got a wonderful feeling everything (groan..) everthing's going my way!" Then I would drag myself out of bed.

Thanks for the great Herb-memory.


anniejs said...

My mom would say, "Yeast and shoe polish! Rise and Shine!".

Marie said...

Paula's "yellow bird" comment reminded me of how I sometimes woke up my own daughter: "A birdie with a yellow bill hopped upon my windowsill; cocked one shining eye and said, 'Ain't you ashamed, you sleepyhead?'"

My dad was more of an "Up and at 'em" guy; during my teen years, when I was hard to awaken, he would sometimes put the "1812 Overture" on my turntable (turntable..yes, I'm old as dirt) and would blast the cannon part, flashing my ceiling light on and off to simulate fireworks--fun memory now, hellish start to the day in the life of a teenager!

Gayle said...

My mom said (never sang!), "Good morning merry sunshine!" My dad said, "Good morning, glory!"

I say both to my kids. Except for my teenage son who sleeps like the dead. He gets "good morning merry sunshine" once or twice, then I have to resort to violence.