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Friday, October 23, 2009

Zippered Cardigans for Kids from Color by Kristin

The second kid's sweater I wanted to design for my new book Color By Kristin was a derivation of an old cardigan I made for Julia when she was a toddler. I remember knitting it in so many places - at her physical therapy sessions, at doctor's appointments, at school IEP meetings. That little sweater traveled everywhere with me. I sized it huge for her knowing she would grow. I knew it was going to take me a long time to knit so I wanted to make sure she got a few years out of it. I think it may have taken me over a year to get the little cardigan done.

Sadly, I don't have many photos of Julia in the cardigan but I did dig up this one holding her first kittens Ginger and Cookie (who is now sadly deceased due to the coyotes around here).

When she first started wearing it, the zippered cardigan was like a coat and was down to her knees. Julia kept growing and she kept wearing the sweater. Everywhere we went, people loved the pullover. Eventually it morphed into this design that I did for Interweave although it is much different - less Fair Isle and a pullover with cables. I called it "Stop Traffic Circles Pullover" because as Julia walked around in her version, people constantly stopped us, asking me if I made the sweater. You can buy the "Stop Traffic" pattern here on Interweave's website.

Next it morphed into the Seeing Dots Zippered Cardigan made in Pretty Pink Julia Yarn - a much easier version with polka dots made with embroidery. The zipper pull had fun pom poms attached to it. Too bad Julia didn't get to wear that sweater around town.

You can buy the Seeing Dots cardigan pattern on Interweave's on-line store here. Julia's Seeing Dots Zippered Cardigan was done when my friend Pam Allen was the editor of Interweave Knits. It was so popular that it then morphed into a woman's version which was a web exclusive design and doesn't seem to be for sale on their website. (What's up with that Interweave? Add it please!)

And so now, here is the next version - The Book Nook Cardigan.

It is made in my Julia Yarn (as are all the sweaters in Color By Kristin). This time, the border has a picot trim. The edgings are made in multiple garter stitch ridges. I used the girly colors of Magenta, Espresso, Lady's Mantle, and Blue Thyme. The border has a bit of embroidery in the form of French Knots. I used a separating zipper for the closure.

Here is the swatch of the pattern without the French knots - it gives you a better idea of the colors and the pattern.

If you are wondering how to insert a separating zipper into a cardigan, check out my tutorial here on my blog - Separating Zipper Tutorial.

So, are you all sick of the previews yet? There are more to come. Hope to catch up with some of you in Hartford at Stitches! And as always, you can purchase an autographed copy of Color By Kristin here on my website. Thank you for your continuing support.


Gin said...

I read the blog daily, but hardly ever comment. The sweaters on this post are just amazing. I had been in love with the Stop Traffic sweater since I saw it on your website and will be getting the pattern now. Mind you, it is not for a child at all, my mam will be knitting it for me, a 23 year old, but I just have to have it!!

Kym said...

Love the sweaters. Just beautiful! So fun to see Julia grow before our eyes! What a lovely little girl! You can just see the light shining from inside. . .

anniejs said...

I'm stuck at home with the flu (really truly confirmed by my doctor) and was getting caught up on my blog reading when I read this post. It made me smile. I am always curious to see the progression a designer makes. Thank you.

Diane said...

I love seeing the previews! And love the back stories with each of them. Thank you so much!

Turtle said...

lol, so not sick of drooling!

Leslie said...

What really surprises me is the resemblance of the model in "Seeing Dots" to the young Julia. Did you plan that or did it just happen??

I hope you have a great time at Stitches!

Gigi said...

Your work is just amazing! I don't know how you do it. Some day, I'm going to work up the nerve to try one of your beautiful designs ;-).

Michele in Maine said...

Wonderful sweaters! Julia is so pretty!

Joyce said...

I just received my book in the mail and it exceeds all my expectations! There is even much more than the beautiful patterns to help me with my knitting and boost my color confidence! I can't wait to start!

Thanks so much for all of your work on this book. I love it!

Karin said...

I remember every single one ot these!

Chris (outside Boston) said...

Gorgeous sweaters!
And I just saw your new slipper socks pattern in the Knitty Surprise. So colorful and so you! Thank you for all your beautiful design work and for keeping us all inspired through your blog stories and photos.

Myriam said...

Nice colors..the cats...and the cardigans also!