Monday, November 30, 2009

Julia and Her Cousins in My Quarters Caps

A few posts ago, I introduced The Quarters Cap, a new design that is available exclusively on my website as a PDF download. It's a really easy project knit in garter stitch with an easy to learn short row technique which shapes the crown of the hat made in my Julia Yarn. By using four different colors of Julia, the cap makes a swirl design at the center that is really pretty. I've been knitting these caps like crazy - they are the perfect project to take along and do when I have a few minutes between appointments. I started with caps for my teenage nephews (which were a huge hit - see the post below) and then moved onto the nieces. The day after Thanksgiving, I gave one to each of my nieces designed especially to match their winter coats. Here's what each of my sweet nieces looks like in their cap.

Olivia just turned 17 and she and I share the same birthday. Olivia is really busy with school and learning to drive right now but she likes to knit, sew, and do all kinds of crafts when her schedule isn't over-booked. She's a blue girl through and through. Her cap used Lady's Mantle NHJ3961, Lupine Blue 5178, Spring Green NHJ5185, and Aqua Fog NHJ4013.

Celia just turned 16 and she loves to knit, bake and is up for learning any craft. She is also a really good basketball player. I love how the hot pink and red shades look with her beautiful auburn hair. Her Quarters Cap used Fuschia NHJ2624, Gourd NHJ1784, and Geranium NHJ6085.

Camille is turning 14 just before Christmas. She is an awesome athlete and her sport of choice is ice hockey! She is so sweet and especially good with helping Julia keep up whenever the cousins go on a woodland adventure. Her Quarters Cap used Lady's Mantle NHJ3961, Anemone NHJ9235, Persimmon NHJ0121, and Geranium NHJ6085.

Lillian is 9 and loves to sing! She has her Christmas Choral Concert coming up next weekend and we're hoping to go and listen to her. Her Quarters Cap used Berry Berry NHJ0124, Rock Henna NHJ2230, Dusk NHJ1505, and Dried Lavender NHJ8126.

Here's the new Quarters Cap I have made for Julia. It uses three colors - the striped section is made using Spring Green NHJ5185 and Steel Grey NHJ0122 and the solid section uses Fuschia NHJ2624.

Here are all the cousins and Julia standing amongst some birch trees in the woods of New Hampshire near my sister's house. What fun they were to take photos of. The girls were so cute - when I told them it was time for a group shot, they picked the spot. All the bright colors look lovely amongst the grayish background, don't they?

LinkYou can buy my Quarters Cap Pattern on my website here and knit some up quickly for all the special people in your life for a holiday gift. The pattern is sized for babies, kids and adults. For yarn amount and sizing information, see the Julia Page on my website. For all you locals, don't forget that Webs is carrying my Julia now in the store and on-line.


Deborah said...

Those models are fierce! What a fun photo shoot. Cute hats in lovely colors, too!

Turtle said...

what great family pics! so did they get any snow? mom said it was a posability, lol, she heads our way tomorrow and they are forcasting it here saturday night... she can't escape!

Dianne MacDonald said...

Such a cute group of girls. I'm nearly finished with my first hat and have already cast on for the second. Love this pattern. I keep thinking of color combinations I want to try.

Rose said...

Great photos. I bet Julia enjoyed the girl time. Love the hats!