Friday, December 11, 2009

Caps, Caps, Caps for Sale - A Children's Story

The other day before the big snowstorm Julia's friends Bridget and Matthew came over for the afternoon. It gets so dark early (only a few more days until we go the other way, thank goodness!). I asked the kids if they would bring the Quarters Caps I made them last year so I could take some photos.

The kids asked me what I was going to do with the photos. I explained that I would be putting them on my blog as a sales tool for selling my Quarters Cap Pattern (the pattern is available here). They got it because their Dad Stuart is a musician and he is constantly trying to sell his own CD's and schedule gigs. I think my explanation made it all the more fun for them. (Julia knows about where her photos end up and I think deep down, she is pretty proud that she can be helping me out with the family business.)

Here they are dipping their heads so you all can see the swirly top of the Quarters Cap. (Their idea!)

Here's my favorite though. Matt's idea, I think although the ideas were spouting out of their 3 mouths at rapid speed so it's hard to remember......

Do you remember the book Caps for Sale by Esphyr Slobodkina? This was one of Julia's favorites picture books when she was little. Our friend Cathy gave her a tape of the story and she would listen to it over and over and over again in the car. I can still hear her little voice chiming up from the backseat "Again, Mommy, again!" When Julia was in First Grade, the kids did a play of this folk tale. It was priceless.

The cute thing the other day was that all three of these kids started reciting the lines from the book after I told them about my website sales of the pattern. It made me think about how important children's literature is to a child's development and what an impact it can have on them for the rest of their lives. But I guess you all know that....

Just when you think kids aren't paying attention, they astound you, don't they? Here's a really interesting "autobiography" of Esphyr Slobodkina that you might want to check out. Fascinating woman, talented artist. WOW!


avelinux said...

Dear Kristin,
thank you so much for your comment on my blog, it´s a great honour for me. I love your books, they are so beautiful with all the colourful stitches in it.
Love from Germany
P.S. I wish you and your family a happy christmas.

Bonnie said...

Love the link to the artist-writer of that wonderful book! It brought back memories of reading it to my kids. May have to get it out of the library. Precious photos too ~~ of the hat kids!

Mary Anne said...

Good Morning Kristin!
How wonderful to see "Caps for Sale" We performed it when I was in kindergarten (1956!!) Glad to see children are still reading that wonderful story! Great pattern -

Deborah said...

How fun to see the kids enjoying their day. I remember Captain Kangaroo reading the Caps for Sale book. Makes me hungry for some graham crackers and milk in front of the TV...

Anonymous said...

That's one amazingly fascinatingly biography Esphyr has written!! Certainly it's a testament to never giving up. I hope a lot of people go over and read it...thank you so much for posting the link!

"Caps For Sale" was always a fave story of both of my DD's. I thought of it immediately too when looking at the photo of all the hats piled on one little head! :D Fun!

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