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Our colorful 1751 farmhouse will be open to the public. On view will be many of the projects that are featured in Crafting A Pattern Home along with many other things I have made over the years.

This event will be a celebration of the handmade. I hope the day will inspire you to add some pattern and color to your home.

The event is FREE. Books will be available along with some other things I have made. For more information and directions, see the EVENTBRITE PAGE HERE. Although tickets are not mandatory, it will help me get a count to know what to expect. Hope to see you here in western Massachusetts in May.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Introducing Kristin's Felted Farmer's Market Bag

I've been a busy little bee here at the farmhouse. Besides all the pre-Christmas brouhaha, I've been busy working on lots and lots of new patterns which will be available on my website in the upcoming months.

Today, I'm so excited to introduce to you all my newest downloadable knitting pattern! Here is my....
Felted Farmer's Market Bag!

Just in time for gift knitting, you'll find the pattern available on my Shop Page for instant download. It is knit, of course, in my Julia Wool/Mohair/Alpaca in 10 colors. For all you Julia devotees, this is a great stash buster. Find out more about the specifics on my Julia Yarn Page here.

This is one easy project - great to take along to meetings or when you just feel you have no concentration left for intricate colorwork and cabling. The bag is oddly constructed and magically becomes a great bag. Knit entirely of garter stitch and short rows, this project is easy enough for an advanced beginner. Instructions are given for machine felting.

If you are having fun knitting my Quarters Caps, you'll like working this project just as much!

Thanks to all of you who have been supporting my on-line shop by purchasing patterns and my signed copies of my books. You can't imagine how much it means to all of us here at this little farmhouse. Every sale counts and helps us keep our little place a-humming.


Mary G said...

This is beautiful! I've linked it on Facebook so others can see what I want for ME!

Keep it up, Kristin ... your designs are great.

Deborah said...

What a fun project. I love the swirl on the bottom!

Sara said...

Great project! I'm really loving felted projects right now and this one is definitely cool. I always love your use of color.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a designer but I am a user....can I suggest that the bag straps go all the way down and around the bottom and back up this colorful and useful bag? The bag is big enough that I'd stuff it full enough to surely need extra support. I have a number of knitting friends who use/have used felted bags for knitterly purposes. Knitters and Spinners tend to stuff them full to over flowing, regular short straps just don't make it over the long haul (pun intended :D)! And as a market bag? Oh my, it would certainly need extra strong straps.


Lori Gayle said...

The straps shown on the sample bag are a set of purchased leather handles, and the particular style isn't long enough encircle the bottom of the bag. However, if you're knitting your own handles they could absolutely be made long enough to go all the way around as elizaduckie describes.

FYI, the pattern includes instructions for lining the bag. A lining is a good way to resolve any concerns about the bag stretching or being strong enough.

Diane H K in Greenfield said...

Kristin, are those prop breads?!?

Just kidding! Where in upper county did you find them?

This looks like an awesome project.

Judy @ daily yarns said...

That is too cute. I really love it!

marit said...

Great bag!

Anonymous said...

I don't know if you know this, and apologize for putting it in a comment if you do, but Jane Brocket in England has mentioned your book in her blog:


She is quite complementary.

Ruby’s Upcycle Designs™ said...

Love this! Thanks for the pattern! xoxo Beth