Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Julia's Finger-Knitted Bookmarks

Every night for the past few evenings, while I knit, Julia sits next to me finger-knitting. I’m not exactly sure how she is starting the knitting because she is no longer asking me for slip-knots. Somehow, she wraps the yarn around her finger and begins. It doesn’t un-chain itself. This project has turned into such a success. I can't tell you all how proud I am of her. Last night she made a chain at least 36 inches long! Wow.

With all these pieces of chained wool around the house, we decided to make them into bookmarks for Christmas gifts for all Julia’s teachers. I made the pom poms (she could have done them because she knows how to wrap yarn around the pom pom maker) but we were running out of time. I am such a last minute person and I'm afraid I am passing on my habits to my daughter.

She stayed up late, finger-knitting away until she had eight longish chains. (Julia has a lot of teachers who work with her!) I kept wrapping the pom poms and attaching them to the chains.

I won't tell you what time she went to bed but suffice it to say, it was late. I wanted to share the bookmarks with all of you before they were sent on to new homes. I set them up and tried the flash on the camera. Horrible, horrible, horrible - I must say. Then I decided to see what would happen with only light from across the room, no tripod and a bunch of shaking.

Wow, those bookmarks look otherworldly, don't they?

In the morning i snapped a few photos in daylight.

Then I ran a filter on one of them and here's what I got.

They are rather festive looking, aren't they?

Julia's bookmarks are off to their new homes. I hope the teachers like them. They all have been so wonderful to Julia and I can't thank them enough. All you teachers out there, and I'm sure there are some, know that you are so appreciated for what you do!


Gerri in St Paul said...

I will bet that the teachers will appreciate them. They know what they mean. Actually, I think Julia should write up a pattern for them, getting the chain length and weight right for a book, getting the size of the pom-pom right so it's in proportion. Are there pompoms on both ends? Maybe that is the variant for the rare soul (who does not live in this house) who is way ahead on things!
I want her pattern because I think I'll make them next year!

Also, one day late but my sympathies on your dad. They really do never leave us. When I read "...and miles to go before I sleep," I thought, yeah that's a lot of dads. I'm glad mine is getting his well deserved rest!

Natalie said...

I think they are very cute and think she did a great job! Any book lover loves bookmarks and I know I get tired of the normal flat paper ones. What a wonderful idea for her teachers that I am sure they will all love!

(I discovered your blog from my friend Handyhooker, hope you don't mind!)

Lyn said...

I get lots of chocolate from the children at our school but always appreciate a handmade gift. Well done JUlia.

Anonymous said...

The bookmarks are wonderful!
Seriously, you could sell them in your store.
Everyone loves something colorful!

Kar said...

Fabulous job Julia! Love all those bright pretty colors. Keep up the nice work. Merry Christmas dear!


Sarah said...

They are really fun! I wish I had thought of that when we had miles of finger knitting around our house!

Turtle said...

as a former teacher i would have so loved and appreciated it! the fact she made it would have meant even more! i still have numerous ornaments made by students, some from almost 20 years ago. That filter pic looks wild!

Virginia said...

Those are lovely! What a great idea.

I'm sure that her teachers appreciated them.

Susie said...

Those bookmarks are so pretty. They look so "Happy!" I love the colors. Being an avid reader, that's the perfect bookmark.

I loved the filtered picture too. It made those bookmarks look like painted art.

Awesome bookmarks Julia!

Susan said...

Best. Bookmarks. Ever!

Incredibly sweet.

Julia is awesome.

Merry Christmas, Kristin.

susan b anderson

mathea said...

Julia did a good job on those bookmarks, and there is always something special about gifts that are handmade I always imagine there are good wishes worked into every stitch :-)

Donna S. said...

Great gifts!!!

Willow said...

Julia's teachers will certainly cherish those bookmarks because they will understand the effort that went in to making them. What a thoughtful gift!

Merry Christmas to every one at the sheep farm from Willow and The Professor at Willow's Cottage

Kate said...

Julia's bookmarks are just divine!

The filter picture looks like something that Kaffe Fassett would design.