Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Lamb in a Striped Sweater on Op-Art Backgrounds

I've been having a bit of fun lately - amusing myself with the photographic images of our lambs wearing sweaters. My amusement has now morphed into this little series of three Op-Art Lamb in Sweaters on Different Backgrounds. Just in time for sending out for Spring's Arrival.

Here are the three versions of this one cute little lamb:

Lamb in Sweater on a Floral Op-Art Background

Lamb in Sweater on a Polka Dot Background

Lamb in Sweater on a Checked Background

These images are available in sets of 12 of a design or assorted - 4 each of the three designs in the Op-Art Sheep Series. You can find them on the Shop Page of my website.

The lamb is of course wearing her "Lamb Sweater" which you can make for your favorite pooch (A Dog in Sheep's Clothing) - an easy to knit pattern also available on my Shop Page for instant gratification PDF download.



Anonymous said...

I love it, definitely I grew up in the 1960s,LOL, memories.

Oscar said...

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