Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Studio Day Eight and Missing Me in Ohio

Things are coming along. Here's the view from our patio. You can see the studio on the lower floor on the left. You will walk out the studio door onto a stone walk way. My vegetable/annual garden in down in the lawn - and still not planted! Beyond, you can see the field where the growing lambs graze and beyond that are the hills which are owned by Massachusetts Fish and Game. As someone commented, the pile of lumber is getting smaller by the day.

Here's the studio side of the project. I'll have a door to the outside and 3 casement windows for ventilation on the south side, 3 casement windows on the east and 4 short casement windows on the north side. There's great air current that flows down the hill so it will be nice in cool in the studio. Half of the studio will be below ground on the north side. We were able to build into the retaining wall and foundation that was already there which saved a lot of time and money (no excavation work!). The plywood is going on the outside of the frame still.

Here's the north side of the building. The plywood is almost done here. The roof just fit under the bedroom window - really tight. The roofer isn't going to like this but hopefully he can work around it. I almost lost part of my kitchen window too but it fit just perfect. Thank goodness - I didn't want to lose my view.

That's the construction update for today.

Oh, if you are going to TNNA (the big wholesale needlework market in Columbus), you won't find me there. I decided it would be best to stay here to make sure everything keeps going on schedule. And if you were in my class last weekend when I was telling you how half of my projects from Color By Kristin were lost in UPS-la-la-land - just want you to know that the box has miraculously been found and the garments will be at TNNA in Columbus. Stop by the Westminster/Nashua booth to have a look if you like. Linda Pratt and the staff will be happy to show you through the new colors of Julia. Sorry to miss the show but duty here on the homefront calls.


Jennifer and Steve said...

Your construction project is progressing fast! It will be so fun to see the completed room.

After the move, I finally am now looking at your knit it, felt it, zip it bag pattern and am confused about picking up stitches! Do you have anywhere on your site how to pick up garter stitch edges? Thanks for your help! jennifer :)

Anonymous said...

I, along with your mom and I'm sure LOTS more people, are enjoying watching the progress of your studio/porch. I think we may all be drooling!

Laura from beautiful West Michigan

Virginia said...

Looks like it's going to be wonderful!

And dealing with problems is what roofers are paid for, right?