Monday, August 23, 2010

Student Projects - Deb

Deb came from Ohio to the "Get Stitched on the Farm Classes." She has a varied crafting background and said she spent many years as a sewer. She told us she has not been knitting for too many years. She brought with her felted strips of handknit garter stitch fabric and a white pillow top. She was able to cut up much of her fabric and sew it quickly into her chosen flowers. She made a beautiful Calla Lily that somehow I didn't get a photo of.

Here's the cosmos she found in the garden with a ruffled edge.

Here's her felted and sewn cosmos. Awesome.

She also made a bunch of knitted petals which we felted and then she sewed into multiple flowers.

Here's the pillow design she roughed out and was going to finish when she got home. How pretty.

What a great job Deb! She had to run off early to get a flight back to Ohio but I'm so glad I got to spend some time with Deb and learn more about her background and how she got involved with yarn and knitting.

There is still one more space available in the October 2/3 Class at the Farm. You can check it out here.


Missouri Gal Nicole said...

Gorgeous!!! You are very talented!

Sara said...

Love the felted flowers. Great job to Deb!

Deborah Knight said...

Thanks for your comments! I've never tackled anything like this before so it was great fun! Kristin's classes are wonderful and I'd recommend them to any knitter or crafter who wants to learn about color, fiber and design.

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