Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Student's Project - Diane

Diane was the most local of students. She has an interesting crafting background and knows how to both knit, crochet, bead, sew and do all kinds of crafts. She too decided to crochet her flowers. Here is her "Moulin Rouge Sunflower" before felting.

Here it is after felting. Front view.....
Back view....
Diane left early and didn't stay for dinner because she wasn't feeling well. We missed her but understood. She didn't sit idle at home though. Look what she brought back - a crocheted coleus leaf.
Diane's pillow design is based with a periwinkle blue wool felt. She will probably add a few more leaves to it.

Diane's skills blew us all away! There is still one more space available in the October 2/3 Class at the Farm. You can check it out here.


philogirl said...

I really like these flowers. I think the pre-felting "Moulin Rouge Sunflower" is assume!

Diane said...

Kristin is a great teacher. Actually it was her suggestion to "look at the back" of the flower, which opened a kind of door in my mind, led me to approach the flower not just from the "pretty face" on the front.
Kristin seems to work with each person at their own skill level, gently pointing out new ways to look at the work at hand. I hope that her creative approach will spill into other areas of my knitting/crocheting.