Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Student Projects - Karin

Karin came from NJ to the "Celebration of Color and Flowers" Class at our farm this past weekend. Karin's Cockscomb Celosia inspired this colorway. You can see the flower she crocheted to the left. Karin is both a knitter and crocheter but she chose to crochet all her flowers. That was a good plan because they go much faster than knitting.

Here's the close-up of her crocheted Cockscomb Celosia. After this photo was taken, she added a stem, glued on a piece of felt and attached a pin. Her plan is to wear it as a brooch next winter. It is possible to knit a flower like this but would be much more time consuming than crochet.
Here is the pillow design she came up with. Her base yarn was Tahki's Donegal Tweed so every flower and the background felt has that nice tweed fleck to it.
Karin's huband came along too and he was driving home. I sent her off with sewing thread and needle and she was going to finish the pillow top on the way home on her 5 hour ride. I hope she finished it!

There is still one more space available in the October 2/3 Class at the Farm. You can check it out here.


Kar said...

Very pretty! I'm still amazed at what all of you created at the class. Awesome.

Karin said...

I did finish it! Still have to back it but I love how it turned out and the weekend was awesome!!!