Friday, September 17, 2010

Creative Connection - Evening Two

Day Two of The Creative Connection has been busy. Yesterday I taught a class on embroidery, then sat if on a Social Media panel discussion which was interesting. It seems like a massive amount of work and with dial-up it doesn't make sense. But this high speed at the hotel is amazing. There are very few knitters here - it is mostly women who do jewelry, collage, scrapbooking and some quilting. They are all incredibly nice. Most are younger than I am (early 30's to mid 40's) and most are building their own craft-related businesses. There is really great energy.

At the dinner last night, Mary Jane Butters gave a speech about her business, life, and how she has made a success of it all. After Amy Butler gave a really great slide show of how she and her husband David began and where they are now. It was an incredibly beautiful presentation. Both of these women have worked very, very hard to get where they are now. After there was a Q&A.

At dinner I sat next to Paige Hill who is in charge of Social Media and Web stuff for The Creative Connection. She was tweeting all night long. What a totally sweet woman though and her mom is a knitter! She also works for Where Women Create doing the same thing. Do you know that magazine? It is quite beautiful. They have a new publication coming out in December called Where Women Cook. Looks good too!

At lunch, Ree Drummond of The Pioneer Woman spoke. Another good talk. She was quite funny. She has a memoir coming out soon and another cookbook. Her website is amazing. During the book signing, I chatted with the lovely Vickie Howell and Betz White, two more very talented women.

At home, my family is picking sunflowers - I hope. They'll be there (the flowers and the family) when I return. It's been a great experience, thus far.

Thank you Jo and Nancy for inviting me.


mascanlon said...

Lovely photos and I enjoy hearing about the symposium..maybe next year!

Lisa Allen said...

An amazing line-up of presenters! What a treat. Love hearing about it all.

Turtle said...

cute new look!