Saturday, March 26, 2011

Webs Northampton - Sunday March 27th from 1 to 4

I'll be there! Hope to see some of you. If anyone wants me to bring them some lamb, let me know. We can have a "meat-up"! Our farm number is available on our website link at the left. I have half legs for Easter and Passover, shoulder roasts for braising, stew meat, ground lamb, lamb sausage and more! 

Register here for the Webs event -- It is free!

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Frances said...

Oh, I do love WEBS, one of my favorite yarn sources. Wish that I could just magic myself there to meet you tomorrow.

However. As I type this comment I see, just to the left of this comment box, a very pretty picture of a young lamb. That is the sort of image that will always now keep me from contemplating eating lamb.

Mutton. That's something else.