Friday, July 15, 2011

Heart to Heart Mittens - A 2 in 1 Pattern in Kristin's Shop

It hardly seems the proper season to introduce a new wooly, warm mitten pattern, does it? I was scheduled to do it on Monday but it was so scorchingly hot and humid here I couldn't even think about getting up the energy to write about my latest design. But on Wednesday, as I was sitting on our screened porch under the heat of my lap-top, I felt a cool breeze begin blowing in. Relief was here and now two days later I have the ability to blog about mittens! Oh, what a difference a few days and degrees will make. 

 Here you have it - Kristin's Heart to Heart Mittens. I previewed these a month back. Finally the pattern is ready for you all in my webshop. The PDF instant download includes two mitten designs for you. The first I've called the One Heart Mitten. It is sized in 4 sizes from toddler's to adults. The heart is knit in Fair Isle (there are 2 hearts on each mitten). This is a great project for beginning Fair Islers as the chart is only a small part of the knitting. It's a great Christmas or baby shower gift! Quick, fun and colorful.

Here's Julia this past winter snuggling with kitten Ziggy in her One Heart Mittens. Boy has he grown! He's a bruiser now. (The scarf is from my recent book Color by Kristin.)

The second mitten pattern included is called the Many Hearts Mitten. It is a bit more intense with a 5 heart Fair Isle Design. I originally made these for Julia but I couldn't resist adding them to my on-line pattern collection because they are really just so colorful and fun to knit. (Julia's sweater pattern is also available in my webshop - it is called the Cozy Cap and Pullover.)

You'll notice that each mitten has "Decorated Chain Stitch" added to the outside rim of each heart. Check out my video tutorials on YouTube on how to make chain stitch on knits and how to decorate it. It's not hard and it will take your knits over the top gorgeous!

Both designs included use my Julia Wool/Mohair/Alpaca which knits up at the friendly gauge of 5 sts per inch. Hop on over to my website for more pattern particulars. When you order the pattern from my shop via PayPal, you will automatically receive the link for the download. My downloads are provided by PayLoadz and if you ever have any problem, it is still possible to further downloads. Just contact me!

It's a beautiful weekend here. Hope you stay cool wherever you are. Maybe you'll be able to pick up some knitting and work up some of these mittens for holiday gifting. They're small and portable, great for stashbusting. Enjoy!


Erin said...

They are just beautiful!! Love the sweater on Julia, too!

Queen of the Tea Cosies said...

Knitting knitting!
Colour colour!
Hearts hearts!
Beautiful beautiful!

Jolene said...

Those are so sweet! Color choices, as always, are stunning.

Kathy said...

Such colorful FUN! Really gets me in the mood for winter knitting even though it's going to be in the 100's here for the next few days (with heat index). I'll stick to my little light lace-weight stuff right now, but it won't be long before I'll be doing some hats and mittens for the grandkids!

Kathy at Knitting Off The Grid said...

They're gorgeous! I always marvel at your colorwork and get so inspired by your creations.

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