Wednesday, April 04, 2012

JP Knit and Stitch

Don't forget the Lamb Meat-Up tomorrow night at Webs for all you local lamb-lovers. Check it out here. 

Our farm was written up on the Local Pickins "craving it" blog. Check it out here

Some photos from my weekend visit to JP Knit and Stitch in Jamaica Plain/Boston, Massachusetts. Had a great turn-out for the Friday evening talk. I know some of you came - it was really nice to meet you in person. Now I have a mental picture of some of you! Went to a fabulous Indian dinner with my cousin Wendy, her hubby Jim and friends Cathy and Cynthia. Love Indian food and don't get it easily here..... 

JP Knit and Stitch is a new store - just one year old. Knitters and quilters are just discovering it. Located in a charming neighborhood, it has a wrap-around window so you can see all kinds of folks walking past.

The store is packed with beautiful fabrics and yarns in a dizzying array of prints and colors. 

The space is beautifully designed with a large cozy and inviting sitting area in the front of the store. We held the class at a nice wooden table in the center of the space.

The logo and space is bright and cheerful and oh so inviting. They have a lovely little kitchen too and served the lunch on real plates and coffee in real mugs. Nice touch for sure! Love this new children's book at the register called Extra Yarn.


In the morning, I taught ten knitters to embroider. Here are their samplers.

In the afternoon, we worked on edgings. Here is a beautiful couple of swatches from one of the students, Jin. She just learned to knit! I hope she keeps knitting because she surely is talented!

 What a great day we all had. Lovely lunch provided by the store. Continual coffee, all day! Then I dashed back to the farm and my reality. Thanks to JP Knit and Stitch for inviting me and making me feel so welcome. And if you are heading towards Boston, check out this new store in a fun neighborhood.  They teach lots of different classes, including for kids, both on knitting and sewing. 


Katy said...

Love, love, love the book Extra Yarn. Just bought it for a couple of little girls with knitting mothers that I know.

Cheryl said...

Yarn and fabric......very dangerous!

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