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Wednesday, April 04, 2012

JP Knit and Stitch

Don't forget the Lamb Meat-Up tomorrow night at Webs for all you local lamb-lovers. Check it out here. 

Our farm was written up on the Local Pickins "craving it" blog. Check it out here

Some photos from my weekend visit to JP Knit and Stitch in Jamaica Plain/Boston, Massachusetts. Had a great turn-out for the Friday evening talk. I know some of you came - it was really nice to meet you in person. Now I have a mental picture of some of you! Went to a fabulous Indian dinner with my cousin Wendy, her hubby Jim and friends Cathy and Cynthia. Love Indian food and don't get it easily here..... 

JP Knit and Stitch is a new store - just one year old. Knitters and quilters are just discovering it. Located in a charming neighborhood, it has a wrap-around window so you can see all kinds of folks walking past.

The store is packed with beautiful fabrics and yarns in a dizzying array of prints and colors. 

The space is beautifully designed with a large cozy and inviting sitting area in the front of the store. We held the class at a nice wooden table in the center of the space.

The logo and space is bright and cheerful and oh so inviting. They have a lovely little kitchen too and served the lunch on real plates and coffee in real mugs. Nice touch for sure! Love this new children's book at the register called Extra Yarn.


In the morning, I taught ten knitters to embroider. Here are their samplers.

In the afternoon, we worked on edgings. Here is a beautiful couple of swatches from one of the students, Jin. She just learned to knit! I hope she keeps knitting because she surely is talented!

 What a great day we all had. Lovely lunch provided by the store. Continual coffee, all day! Then I dashed back to the farm and my reality. Thanks to JP Knit and Stitch for inviting me and making me feel so welcome. And if you are heading towards Boston, check out this new store in a fun neighborhood.  They teach lots of different classes, including for kids, both on knitting and sewing. 

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Upcoming Happenings and Another Crazy Lamb in a Sweater Photo

Back from a few days away for Julia’s school vacation and now plugging away at all those postcard and book orders you sent my way. You guys are awesome. Thank you so very much. And The Farmer and Julia thank you too. You know, I must say, I can never quite figure out what will resonate with my blog readers. I probably should not admit to this but it is the truth. I thought the lambs in sweaters idea was a cute one but boy, was I surprised by all the excitement. I’m going to give you some of the details behind taking the photos later in the week but let’s just say it wasn’t the easiest project I have taken on with my new interest in photography.

I want to alert you all to some things that are happening very soon. On March 5th, I’m going to be speaking at a fabulous bookstore called R.J. Julia down in Madison, Connecticut. The talk is on a Friday night at 7 p.m. The title of my talk is called “The Joy of Color” and it’s going to be a very fun slide presentation and Q & A. Please tell your friends – anyone who knits, crochets, quilts or sews will enjoy what I have to offer. I promise the talk will be worth the drive if you have a long distance to drive. Also, if you are a knitting or quilting guild member or own a yarn store, let your friends and customers know about the talk. I would love to have a good turn-out. It’s a long drive down and a long drive home late at night and Julia will be in tow (another school day off). We would both like to meet whoever comes. There is a nominal fee of $5.00 and you can sign up on the RJ Julia website here or pay at the door. The cost of the talk can go towards the purchase of Color By Kristin. Please spread the word. There will be door prizes too. A really fun night out.

This coming Sunday, I’ll be giving a class at Knit or Dye in Brattleboro. I’m pretty sure there are still spaces left in the class. You can call Rachel at Knit or Dye to sign up. All of the information is linked on my sidebar.

On March 13th, I’ll be teaching 2 classes down in Ridgefield, CT at a fabulous Yarn & Gift Store called Nancy O. The information for that class is on my sidebar at left.

On March 20th, I'll be teaching 2 classes in Harvard, MA at the fabulous "Fiber Loft." Reba has been trying to get me to come down and teach for years. Last year, the class didn't fill and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for this year. You can check that out on my sidebar at the left.

Over at Craft Gossip, they are running a giveaway for Color by Kristin. The deadline to sign up is February 25th so hop on over.

Today, I leave you with another "lamb in wool sweaters" photos. Like I said earlier, taking these photos was one big adventure. I had to photograph lambs that were only a couple days old because they were the only ones who would fit in the sweaters (lambs grow very fast). One of the first days I attempted my project, I dressed a little white lamb in the pink sweater. There was snow on the ground and it was a bright and sunny day. (I actually prefer taking photos on gray days.) The little lamb in the pink sweater was extremely active and try as I could, it was really difficult to get a good photo in the snow and away from anything brown (and that would be just about everything in the barnyard). I was actually taking photos of two lambs at the same time and had just put the first lamb back in the barn after "undressing" it. Trying to get two lambs in a photo - that was a complete failure. The Farmer called to me and said "you've got to come here." I ran out of the greenhouse as he doesn't often sound excited about anything especially when slogging about feeding hay. He pointed and I couldn't believe my eyes. There lying down on top of our giant 200 plus pound Romney ram was the little white lamb in the pink sweater. I snapped very quickly and in a second the lamb had jumped down off the ram. I did get this photo. It really does show the scale and size of all the animals, doesn't it? The medium sized ewe is at the left, the giant ram taking up almost the entire photo, and the little two day old lamb, wow! Cute, huh?

If you are really astute and paying attention to details, you will see that this isn't the exact pink sweater that I showed you the other day (photo is up on the left on the sidebar). Originally I only made and attached 3 crocheted, embroidered flowers on the sweater. Immediately upon looking through the camera at the lamb I could tell that if I made a wreath of flowers at the neckline of the sweater, it would look much cuter. Back to the crochet needle, the yarn and the embroidery and a day later I was at it again, working on the photos. These photos took a crazy amount of time to get right and if I wasn't determined and slighty nuts, I would have given up.... (or maybe if I was smarter?)..... The Farmer just kept looking at me with amusement and bewilderment, I will admit. "What will she do next?," is probably what he was actually thinking and if you all hadn't been so supportive with buying the cards, he probably wouldn't be quite as patient as he will be now if I decide to dress any other sheep in outfits.

You can purchase the postcards of the lambs in sweaters here on
the shop page of my website. And don't forget that the "Dog in Sheep's Clothing" pattern is availble IN EIGHT SIZES for download on my website. For all of you with different shaped dogs (big necks, long backs, short legs.....) I have enclosed a page on how to customize the pattern to fit your particular dog. Enjoy your day......

Friday, September 26, 2008

Sit 'N Knit Class and Trunk Show

Sunday I will be at Sit 'N Knit in Bloomfield CT for an all day workshop. There are a few spaces remaining so if you are in the local area and want to take a class, call the wonderful staff at 860-232-9276 and sign yourself up. It looks to be a rainy weekend - wouldn't you rather knit with other knitters than knit inside by yourself?

I'm so pleased to announce that there is a Kristin Knits Trunk Show traveling the USA and Canada for the next year. Right now, the garments are at Sit 'N Knit in Bloomfield until October 13th. Next up is Needlework Unlimited in Minneapolis from October 16 to 27.

Next week, I'll post the complete listing on my sidebar so you can check to see if the garments are coming to a store near you. If you are a store that is expecting the show, the contact for the entire trunk show is Amy Greeman at Storey Publishing. Her telephone number is 413-346-2113 or email amyDOTgreemanATstoreyDOTcom.

I have nothing to do with the intimate workings of the Trunk Show nor does Westminster Fibers (the distributors of Julia Yarn). Please contact Amy at Storey if you need help.

Special thanks to the wonderful Susan Anderson of "Itty Bitty" fame and Jamie, her publicist, at Workman. They both suggested this traveling show and helped Amy with all the organizational guidelines. Thanks to the kind folks at Westminster Fibers and their reps for getting the word out so the stores could sign up!

It's fun to think that all those projects from Kristin Knits will be seen by so many knitters throughout the continent.