Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Color By Kristin News and More Kitten Pics

The folks at Classic Elite have been working so hard getting ready for fall. My new yarn Color by Kristin has arrived in the warehouse. Yesterday, I discovered that Color By Kristin is now on their website. Wow - I guess that means it is all real! 

For all of you interested in the Pattern Booklets, they will be sold in Printed Book Format at your LYS for $9.95 and should be in stock at the same time as the yarn arrives. Be sure to check with your local yarn store to see when their order of Color By Kristin is arriving. In October, you will be able to buy them via PDF format.

Check out what Martina from Germany made from my "Knit It Felt It Tech Cosy" to celebrate the soccer win. You can use my new Color By Kristin for any of my patterns in my PDF series. Check them out here.

For all you kitten fans, here's an adorable shot of three of the kittens. They still have their blue eyes and now have started eating solid food. Everyone is spoken for except for one of the little black kittens.

And one more pretty irresistable photo.....


Claire said...

I want one - could you put it in the post ? :)

Robin Allen said...

I love the color names of your new yarns, and your new designs are gorgeous. Congrats on everything!

stufenzumgericht said...

Dear Kristin,
knitting your patterns is su fun,even that I don't know English so mush, one can understand perfectly your instructions. I'd wish, that your yarn would be available in Germany, it looks so fine and colorful! Your Kitties are adorable, when they are babies, it's so fun to watch them exploring the "world" Have a nice day, Martina

Lucy Chen said...

I have your books, but yet to knit any. These new pattern books make me want to commit yet another crime!

Susan B. Anderson said...

Those pattern booklets are gorgeous. How exciting. To have new collections to go with your wonderful yarn.

susan b anderson

mn_bird said...

What an exciting post! The new patterns are gorgeous and it's great to have your yarn available again.


Lee said...

Your yarn has arrived at my LYS, The Yarn Spot in Wheaton, MD! I have already started the Otto scarf and it is so much fun. Like eating potato chips, I want to do just one more row to see what it will look like.