Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Summer Visits and Upcoming Farm Class August 4th!

One of the nice things about summer is the chance to spend extended time with family members who don't live close to our farm. A few weeks ago Julia and I spent a couple nights at my sister Laurie's in eastern Massachusetts. Julia loves all her cousins and I can't help thinking that they are her "siblings" since she doesn't have any real siblings - unless you count the dogs and cats and kittens. Speaking of.... here's a cute shot of one of Petunia's kitties to start your day off with a smile. 

My niece Olivia is at university now in Philadelphia and is really busy studying and growing up into a fine young adult. Ever since she was a toddler, she has been making things with her hands. As a little girl, she really got into using Sculpey. She made 100's of animals and figures - astounding talent for such a young kid.  A couple years ago she went to "Snow Farm" out here in western Massachusetts where she began learning to throw pots. Now that she is in college, she has been using some of those skills taking University pottery classes and taking advantage of the art department facilities. This summer Olivia got a scholarship to Peters Valley Craft School in western NJ. Lucky girl! Here are some of the pots she made.

She learned to make stamps for relief.

She made a gorgeous terracotta clay fairy house for Laurie's garden. See the stamped decoration above the door.


And this set of fluted bowls.

But this my friends is the piece de resistance..... A set of lidded vessels with gorgeous flowers on top.

You never know where a little crafting as a kid will go, do you? 


I'm trying to get her to open an etsy shop. What do you all think? Beautiful job Olivia!

Now that you see what my niece Olivia has created this summer, let me tell you all about an opportunity to come here to our Leyden Glen Farm on August 4th. It's the first of my One Day Retreats for the season. I have 4 spaces left at them moment. The theme of this retreat is 

Tomorrow I'll be back with a little more about the class. For today if you are interested, check out....

There are plenty of fun places to visit if you decide to come for a weekend. Find my favorites here. Our farm is located 2 hours west of Boston and 3 1/2 hours north of NYC. 


Mare said...

She should definitely open a shop and offer her delightful creations for sale!

Reneelynn said...

I'm sure she would have great success on etsy. Her pots are great!!
The little house is darling :)

Kieren Dutcher said...

Oh yes, open a shop!
You, Kristin, will help her get lots of sales!

creations.1 said...

A new talent uncovered - beautiful work!

kaysbee said...

Love, love, love those flower lidded pots!!

Elaine said...

Such a talented young lady!! Beautiful work, Olivia. Etsy is waiting.

zumbaqueen said...

They are unique. I think that she would attract followers.

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