Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sebastian Gloves Knitalong Week Two

I've been a busy little bee trying to keep up with everyone on the Sebastian Glove Knitalong. As I was knitting the glove, I added a few of my own little tricks I use for personal knitting. When you write for publication, you usually don't add your own tricks because word space is so limited with yarn company and magazine publications and the tricks get cut - so seriously, why bother! That's why my PDF patterns are so great because there is room, when I self-publish, to add whatever I want!

At any rate, I worked on my gloves, almost reaching the fingers last night while watching the people trying to survive the Dust Bowl on PBS. I am using Color 3257 Cornflower in my Color By Kristin Wool/Mohair/Alpaca for my main color. This yarn is so gorgeous to work with - it flies off the needles so silkily.

To begin, I am making the Sebastian Glove with the Flared Gauntlet Border. (There are 2 versions included in the pattern.) I cast on using a 16" circular needle and to make it flare more, I used the larger size 7's. It is not written that way in the pattern and for my first sample, I didn't do it that way either so I thought I would give it a try. It may be a bit too loose and sloppy when finished so I do not think I will repeat my experiment. (I will not rip it out though!) 

It is my personal preference to work a row back and forth before joining any project that will be worked in the round. That way, I have a little edge to help make the joining easier (see photo above). As it was I goofed and had to rip! The cable pattern is established in Row/Round 1 for the Flared Edge. I mark the sections with plastic markers and keep them on the needles for the first few rounds until the pattern becomes visible. Then I drop the markers off the needles.

After the first back and forth row, I joined the sts working Round 2. I'll weave the 1st round together when I'm finished and it will not be visible. Luckily all the stitches fit on the 16" circular needle. The pattern does not state that and perhaps if I was using the smaller size 5 needles, they would not have fit.

I immediately began working on the cable. For the flared edge, you use a larger cable chart and work it for 16 rounds. 

Above are the 16 rounds complete and the decreases within the cables have been made. I then had to move the stitches to double pointed needles. (If you are a fan of the magic loop, you could easily do the main part of the hand using a long circular.)

Here is my almost complete thumb gusset. (Why do I always want to spell gusset with an extra "t"?)

I'm almost up to the fingers and ready to go back to my class to show them how to set up for the fingers. That isn't until the 29th so I guess I am ahead, for once! Maybe I will work a different version. No - I probably should not - I should be planning more new designs.

You can check out all the projects over on the Ravelry page that the Webs folks have set up. They have linked to some awesome how-to videos on their blog too! If you have questions, please post in the comments section or over on the Ravelry page.

Cable on! You can order the PDF Pattern for the Sebastian Gloves for $6.00 by clicking the button below. It will be immediately sent to your in-box.


Susan said...

So pretty! I don't know what it is about them, but I go crazy for a well executed thumb gusset.

Lindy said...

I just received a box filled with Kristin's beautiful yarns and the booklet with this pattern in it. I can hardly wait to get started. :D