Friday, December 21, 2012

Dark Day

Hanging Indian lamps + colored windows

My collection of colorful boxes
Julia's collection from her grandma and friends

The lower pasture at sunrise on dark day

Last year's ewe lamb

More last year's lambs - they'll lamb later in the spring

Mama sheep with her summer born twins
Let's just say we here at the farm are happy that begin going the other way beginning tomorrow! Happy Solstice everyone.


philogirl said...

I agree! Love the Winter Solstice as the days get longer!

Happy winter and Good lambing.

mn_bird said...

Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures. It's good to reflect on the solstice.


Auntie Shan said...

**HAPPY SOLSTICE**!! -- At least Your Day looked brighter than mine! Overcast, with drizzle and big fat cotton ball Flakes earlier... Just spent 3 hours rolling heavy slush "logs" off my shovel on our driveway trying to reach the end where the 3-ft high, 6-ft DEEP WALL OF ICE CHUNKS that EVIL-SNOWPLOW-GUY left totally blocking us in!! - I got half of it cleared... sorta...

But hey, also managed to win $7. on the Lotteries, so not that bad a day I guess. And, we're all still "here"! ;-D

Anyhoo.. *HUGS* to THE GANG!

Emma said...

Happy belated Solstice to you and yours! Emma

Maggie said...

I love each solstice day also, but winter is the best. I enjoy the longer daylight at the end of the day. Such a great color it gives the day.