Friday, December 14, 2012

One of My Favorite Days of the Year

I've been getting together with a handful of friends for the past few years every December. We pick an afternoon that will work for us all. I bake something sweet - this year it was this  brownie recipe from King Arthur Flour -  Yummy! Luckily I sent most of the brownies away with my friends!

Before the BIrch House Day, I trudge around in the woods near our home and in the sheep pastures collecting whatever I can find that looks interesting and fun to add to a Birch House. Lichen, decaying bark, moss, fungus - it all can be used. This year I had to dry it out in the oven because it was a bit wet.


Who says this craft is only for kids? So not true.

Love this project because you literally make everything for almost free. 


The only thing I spent money on is glitter (still using the same bottle from 4 years ago), Elmer's Glue for the glitter, and glue sticks for the hot glue guns. 


Here's my tutorial if you want to join in the fun. One of my readers - Sarah from In These Hills - and her family make the birch houses every Christmas Eve. What a nice day!


Cherie M in Estes said...

What a fun idea!

Sarah said...

I have already gone out and collected the bark and have started saving butter containers. My grocery shopping this week is going to include things in small boxes LOL we don't eat processed food very often so it will be interesting to see what I can find!~

I enjoyed your kitchen tour. My mother makes the same complaint about lack of pattern and color in modern homes. Her house is a riot of wallpaper and patterns :)

Cathy said...

If I didn't Pin the birch houses before, I need to remember to do it! Want to hold on to this one for when I have grandchildren.