Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Farm and Lamb Update

Last year's lambs have really grown. Right now half of them are not far from the ewes that are lambing - in a separate field. Eeyore our donkey and Jeremy our llama are with them too. There always seems to be one lamb on top of the big bale of hay. They are right on the road and we frequently see people stopping their cars to look at them and take photos.

Eeyore is looking so handsome with his shaggy coat. The rest of last year's lambs are living in front of our farmhouse. Most of last year's ewe lambs are probably pregnant but they will not deliver until April or May.

The weather has warmed up and there has been unbelievable fog as the snow has been melting. Today we found a year old lamb that the coyotes killed down in the lower field in front of our house. It was probably killed during one of the three very foggy nights. It seems that the coyotes feel safer and take the opportunity to attack when there is so much fog. Not sure what Winston was doing while the coyotes were killing but it was worse than pea soup so chances are his senses may have been messed up. Since we got Winston, we have only lost 3 sheep to coyotes near our house. That is pretty good since in years without him here at the Farmhouse, we would lose many more sheep and lambs than that.

Last night Winston was barking up a storm. He knows what happened as all the dogs and the humans went to see the dead lamb. You can pay all the money you can afford for good fences but the coyotes will always get in. 
We are up to 23 lambs. Here's the latest set of twins born this afternoon.
And here is Olympia with her single girl born early this afternoon. 
I am not going to Vogue Knitting Live in NYC this weekend. I cannot leave this place. I do not think NYC is ready for my muddy farm boots. Last year I did and it was a disaster. Julia has been down with the flu for days and fingers crossed, The Farmer and I do not get it. Too much to do.

I'll leave you with a photo of the first born lamb No. 111. Wow, how he is growing!


Karen Helbig said...

Great photos Kristin! Cute sheep.

Kathy at Knitting Off The Grid said...

Oh my gosh, I can only imagine how busy you must be right now. The photos are amazing!

sally said...

I hope Julia will be feeling better soon.

Auntie Shan said...

:-} New Yorkers! What do They know?! -- I actually *LOVE* Your BOOTS!! ..Is that REAL Sheep-Lining?

Anyway, staying Home is Good! Too much Flu going around as it is. Besides, I think there's suppose to be some snow coming again...

BTW, lovin' the "BABY" Pics!!


linda bowton said...

i so enjoy every post!! i wish i could visit your farm! such cute lambs... best wishes for a successful 2013!!
^)^ linda

Lisa said...

Hello Kristin,
Sorry you won't be at Vogue Knitting/NYC this weekend, but what a scheduling collision -- lambing and flu season! This will be my first time at the event and I am very excited.

MicheleinMaine said...

the only thing worse than a sick kid is a sick parent. fingers crossed that you and the Farmer stay healthy, those mama sheep need you both!

Thanks for the awesome sheep shots, as always.

Helen said...

I love your photos. Especially the first one! So funny. If I lived closer, I would certainly take one of your workshops. Maybe one of these days I will just take a roadtrip on my own!

Joan Busby said...

Thanks for taking the time to share your busy days. I love keeping up with you and yours.

estyn said...

I love the "king of the castle" sheep photo.