Monday, January 14, 2013

Lambing at the Barns

Here's where the breeding ewes spend their winter. We have a wooden pole barn (on the left) where hay is stored in during the summer and fall. Half the ewes use this barn and the connected field. You can see the "sheep trails" that they have made in the snow. On the right is our greenhouse barn which has seen lots of use over the past 20 years. Half of the ewes have use of this barn and connected field. 

Is this the cutest little lamb? Oh, so sweet. It was snuggled in to some fresh hay in the greenhouse barn. The light in the greenhouse barn is beautiful for photography. The plastic covering shields the sun. It actually gets quite warm in the greenhouse barn when the sun is out. 

Lamb count - 20. We're keeping records at this point. We'll see how long it goes for. Good day everyone.


Kathy said...

Yes, the cutest little lamb. I agree, though they're all pretty darned cute. I'm glad lambing is going well so far and records are able to be kept. Love the sheep trails. They remind me of contrails in the sky which are beautiful in their own way, too. I thought of you today when I was using some of the Julia yarn I bought a while back, to make Owl Puffs by Jenna Krupar. I've made 18 of them. I can't seem to stop. Your colors of Julia yarn are making them look spectacular! I'm having fun using Fair Isle, stripes, duplicate stitch and adding embroidery. I should send you a picture. Anyway, love the yarn! Thanks, yet again!

linda bowton said...

what a cutie!!! so precious!! one of God's beautiful creatures for us to adore!!
^)^ linda

Sally said...

Sheep trails? Who knew!? Very cute lamb! Thanks, Kristin!

bookagent said...

I love your blog all year long but have to confess I SO look forward to lambing season. The pictures are wonderful, thanks for sharing your world.

Pam H

Adaliza said...

Lovely photos. Love the lamb's crinkly tummy & little lips - what a happy sweetiepie! Still some snow then - we had the lightest dusting yesterday morning. We're not due for any here in the south. It's cold though!

valerie said...

Aww, look at that little face, absolutely adorable. Thanks for cheering me up on a cold dark day :)