Saturday, February 23, 2013

King? or Queen? of the Hay Bale

Popping in to say our health is mending and to share this photo of the growing lambs. One of them always seems to claim the top of the bale. I'm sure it is some kind of power trip in the greater hierarchy of the lamb world in our barn.

Glad to say the snow for us does not sound like it will be much. Thank goodness. With illness, still dealing with the last storm, and more lambs, we do not need more complications here! Fingers crossed the prophesies are correct.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend.


Cathy said...

Great picture! Glad you are feeling better. The storm was supposed to bring snow, ice, & rain here in Eastern PA, but all we got was some rain. Here's hoping it fizzles in your area as well.

Unknown said...

So glad to hear you are feeling a little better. The flu sure knocks the props out from under you.

Kathy said...

Wonderful picture. It reminds me of some human siblings. Someone always has to try to be 'on top ' and higher, faster, better, than the others, it seems. :) Or maybe just out of the crowd.

phaedra96 said...

My father raised sheep when we lived in Vermont; oh, so many years ago. I remember lambing time in the early spring(lambs for Easter market in New York). They played for hours on the piles of snow, leaping and butting and just having a lamby good time! Nothing changes, does it? (My MIL gets the Indy Star. I will see if we can scare up a copy).