Friday, April 05, 2013

Mouton en Paris? And More

Have you heard about the sheep the city of Paris has bought to mow some of their land? There is a good article in the NYTimes about it here. There is a video on the link too.

It has finally warmed up some here. It seems like the mud is almost over with too. YIPPEE! Yesterday, The Farmer rented a "no-till seeder". Do you know what that is? It is an attachment that you drag behind a tractor. It has a rows of discs on it that slice the earth. At the same time, seed is deposited into the slice. If you are lucky and the weather cooperates,  the seed will germinate and new grasses will grow. It is an easier way to plant a field of grass than plowing, harrowing and seeding. There is also practically no erosion of the soil - something that is worrying when plowing and seeding. This contraption makes it all happen in one pass. We have had a lot of success with this method in the past. It works nice in our sheep pastures - especially in areas where the sheep have trampled the grasses and weeds have moved in. Fingers crossed. (When you farm, there is a lot of finger crossing!)

There is a great giveaway happening now over on the Creativebug site. Sponsored by St. Martin's Press (the publisher of 50 Sunflowers) if you enter your email address, you will get access to a free 4 minute video lesson I did for Creativebug. And you get a chance to win a subscription to CB, my new book - 50 Sunflowers - and some of my Color By Kristin Yarn. Sweet! Check it out here.

My friends Lori and Chris purchased one of the wallpaper murals I did for Casart Wallcoverings. They shared photos of their small entryway before the mural. On the right is the front door which opens into the hallway.

Lori and Chris chose the Feast Panel in background color Morning Mist. They were lucky that the background color pretty much matched their current wall color. They told me the mural went up in no time and that it was very easy to mount on the wall and trim. They did say it was a two person job though. Lori told me that when guests come to their home now they just stand in the entryway and chat and look at the mural. That made me smile. Check out the different colors here on the Casart website.

Lots of things happening here in the background. I'm working hard. I'm hoping to be able to share one of them next week - that is if I can get it almost completed. More finger crossing.


Auntie Shan said...

"If you are lucky and the weather cooperates, the seed will germinate and new grasses will grow." -- and *IF* a GAZZILLION BIRDS *don't* show-up afterward!!

btw, *WOW*!! Lori's mural-strip looks FAB!! Goes quite well with that door colour. KUDOS all around!

linda bowton said...

i'm so happy that your surroundings are drying out for you AND your sheep/lambs!! i hope every seed germinates into green grass ... as always, your lambs are so photogenic!! such cute faces!! i enjoyed your video...such an array of yarn colors! God provides THE best color combinations, doesn't HE?
^)^ linda

Sharon themadknitter said...

Watched your Creativebug spot. Will purchase this when I return from vacation and have time to savor your words of wisdom. The only downside is not being able to pay one fee, like Craftsy, to watch for as long as I want.

Kristin Nicholas said...

I think you may be able to watch unlimited times but I may be wrong. Maybe you have to be a member. Who knows. Things can change to so watch the site and the rules.

Lucy Chen said...

Your lambs are so cute, Kristin. And the wall paper, whimsical and colourful! Love it!

Benita said...

Personally, I am so glad to see color coming back in fashion. Several homes I have been to lately have color on the walls besides some form of beige.

My house, on the other hand, has lots of color - the colors flow from room to room, but each room has different set of colors with no two being alike. Ahhh...

Thank you for encouraging people to put more color in their lives - and on their walls. Lovely murals!!