Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Philosophizing and 50 Sunflowers Giveaway on Susan B. Anderson's Blog

Hurry hurry! Hop on over to Susan B. Anderson's blog to enter her giveaway of my new 50 Sunflowers to Knit, Crochet, and Felt. Susan is off to teach at VK Live in Seattle and she wants to pull the name this evening. I'm posting this quickly to give all my evening readers a chance. Click here to enter.

Susan does a lot of giveaways and hers are always short windows. I think it keeps knitters coming back again and again to her site to check in. Good strategy. She has a fabulous new book coming out this month and I'll be reviewing it here very soon. 

For today, I'll leave you with a photo of a mama sheep and her growing lamb in the barn. This lamb is probably about 6 weeks old or so. It's amazing how fast the lambs change in looks. I know most of you enjoy the little lambs - just like most people love looking at photos of toddlers and babies. The sheer reality of life is that everyone grows older eventually. Unless of course something happens and they are struck down before their prime. Watching sheep grow really puts life in perspective. I am very thankful that I get to watch the cycle of life before me. It brings human life into perspective too. 



Teresa said...

I just have to say WOW to that lamb being only 6 weeks old - I've seen baby alpaca, but not the growth of lambs. What an amazing difference in such a short time! I am entered on Susan's blog because I would LOVE to win your book. Thanks for sharing your wonderful sense of life and color!

Corina Sahlin said...

No kidding! My baby goats were born four days ago, and they already look much bigger. They are jumping around and climbing all over me!
Your sheep sure look regal!

Anonymous said...

What a fine looking lamb! I watch as I drive past the farms, to see the new lambs or goats or calves. Last year I got lucky and saw a new baby donkey! But being a knitter, the sheep and lambs are favorites. samm at ravelry

shabby girl said...

Watching sheep grow really puts life in perspective.
Absolutely! Circle of life. LOVE your photos!