Friday, August 09, 2013

More Color

When I got home from my dyeing adventure with Gail, I laid my pieces out to dry on the stone patio. The pieces looked so bright and cheerful.

Around the garden, I spied some more pink and green.... Perennial phlox...

Bright pink geraniums - one of my current favorite flowers.....


This is the center of the geranium - love that little star which wasn't visible to my eyes but with the 105 mm lens of my camera I saw it.  

And then there are the popular, very bright Wave petunias.


My garden is getting a nice rain now. I'm hoping it will start growing a bit better. It looks tired and not nearly as vigorous as it usually does. Other gardening friends in the area are saying the same. The consensus is that all the early rain leached important stuff from the soil. I'm sidedressing with some chicken manure. Hope it perks up. 

If you have time, check out this video interview with music legend Tommy Bahler on the Good Life Project. It's a two parter and I can't wait to see the second section.  

And then there is this article which had The Farmer and I shaking our heads. $5,000,000 loan?


sandi said...

The size of the loan doesn't surprise me. That farm is about 20 miles from where I live, and in this area, it's all about the cost of the land. The question is, will they ever be able to break even? Even with low interest rates, the cost of servicing that debt has to be huge.

Judy said...

I really admire the message and the effort to make it real. $28 for chicken?

Trade India said...

your post on colors is beautiful as colors it self. I hope tho read more from you