Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Most Beautiful Fabric + Button Store in the World - Delectable Mountain, Brattleboro, VT

We haven't had much company this summer. Some of you (hopefully, some of you) have probably been wondering about my Getting Stitched on the Farm Classes. I decided not to run classes here at the farm this summer because of my book deadline/obligations. (Let's say I hemmed and hawed and angsted over it all to be truthful - but in the end, I decided I couldn't handle the extra pressure of strangers in the house along with my family and farm responsibilities.) 

I have missed having "like minded" students to share with. This past weekend, our good friend Cathy Payson came to visit and help me out with some handsewing I am inundated with for the book. We had a real girly weekend - Cathy, Julia and me. Totally fun. Luckily, The Farmer was busy with the Farmers Market and haying. On Saturday, we took some time out from sewing to visit nearby Brattleboro, Vermont. 

Brattleboro is home to many creative people and businesses. One of my very favorites is Delectable Mountain - a fabric store which specializes in incredibly beautiful and luxurious silks, cottons, and wools. Located on the Main Street, the owner - Jan - has been in business selling fine cloth for 35 years. I have been shopping at this amazing store for close to 30 years! Yikes - how did that happen?

Cathy is a knitwear designer too - we worked together at CEY back in the 1980's and have been friends ever since. Cathy loves to visit Delectable Mountain whenever she comes to the farm. She has traveled all over the world visiting yarn and fabric stores. The other day, she said she has never seen a better selection of buttons anywhere in the world! Wow - how lucky am I to live close.

Cathy knows her buttons and has a very nice collection herself. The buttons at Delectable Mountain are displayed in cut glass salt cellars and small plates. It makes them look like little jewels.

Jan also sells antique buttons - in sets. The photo below is a close-up of a large jar full of mismatched white buttons.

Besides fabrics and buttons, Jan sells beautiful earrings which are displayed in the window of the store on silk pillows. 

She fills her store with many things that aren't for sale - cake stands, cut glass, lace, antique hats and children's dresses, teacups and china. Lovely - all of it - and inspirational.

All of the "extras" add to the incredible ambience of Delectable Mountain. 

Many of Jan's customers come from very far away - expressly to shop at the store. I suppose this is because so many "dress" fabric stores have gone out of business.  The other day, a woman flew in from Michigan and spent two days buying fabric! 

Below are the "small pieces" that Jan assorts and are popular with quilters, historic costumers, and dollmakers.


Besides silks, there are gorgeous velvets in so many different colors. 

Many, many brides have purchased fabric for their dresses at Delectable Mountain. So many different colors and textures of white fabric. 

And then there are the colored silks..... 


Color overload.......

Such shiny, lusterous beauty..... all arranged with an eye for aesthetics.... 

It is not only silks that are available - there is also a lovely selections of small prints - like these cotton voiles. Sometimes there are upholstery weight fabrics and embroidered pieces. In the winter, Jan stocks an amazing collection of patterned wool shawls - mostly from India.

Next year, when I am once again teaching here at the farm, maybe you will visit us and Delectable Mountain. Julia was a sport - being quite patient - especially for a 15 year old. She has known Jan since she was a baby so she feels very comfortable at the store. Here she is sitting on the floor - patiently waiting for Cathy and I to be done talking and looking. As we were leaving, a young couple was buying wedding dress fabric and wedding shirt fabric. Sweet.

If you are heading towards this area of the country and you are a fabric or fiber person, make sure you check out Delectable Mountain. Tell them Kristin sent you! 

And NO - Delectable Mountain does not do on-line business - you will have to visit.


Rainbowrose said...

Oh I passed though Brattleboro 4 years ago on a road trip around New England stopping there for a lovely lunch. I wish I'd known then about this fantastic shop.

Auntie Shan said...

oh-kaay... *DEFINITELY* on my "LOTTERY-WIN-TO-*SHOP*-LIST"!! -- How's the Parking for backing-up and LOADING a Truck?!! :-D

You know, when I first glanced at those Buttons, I thought they were Desserts! - [yumm!]

Anonymous said...

Wow! Beautiful fabrics! Makes me excited to get my new sewing machine!
Thanks for sharing- Delectable Mountain is on my "must" list!

Dana S. Whitney said...

Perfect timing! I'm planning a drive to W. Swanzey to an artist's open house... and (relatively speaking) it looks like Brattelboro is just a hop skip and a jump farther! AND I've been looking for white buttons, preferably mis-matched. YAY, you! Thanks.

Shelleybb said...

In 1985, I was living in West Townsend for the summer and my favorite thing to do was drive down to Brattleboro and visit Delectable Mountain. I bought fabric there and made the Ralph Lauren Prairie Dress that summer on my antique Singer sewing machine. I still have the dress hanging in my closet!