Thursday, October 24, 2013

Moving Sheep in October with Ness and Kate

First off, pop back in tomorrow morning for a great giveaway opportunity. 

The sheep's view
New England really shines in the autumn. The color has shifted from yellows and reds to golds and rusts. I took these photos last week when the girls were here for the photo shoot. We took Nessie, our older Border Collie, and Kate, our young, still crazy, puppy of two, up the hill for a little demonstration. So glad the girls came because I may not have gotten up there in the height of the color. 

Ness and Kate waiting to work
Nessie is nine now and is clearly slowing down. Kate is starting to mature some. She's going to get a lot more practice moving animals beginning this fall. Here are some scenes from that beautiful day.

Here's a little video Sara took and loaded onto Instagram or the dogs moving the sheep.

Nessie still moves fast although she tires much more.
Kate trying to make sense of it all.
Good job girls!


Cherie Martin in EP CO said...

The farmer in heaven!

Cathy said...

Great pics!!!

Adaliza said...

Aw - beautiful yarn and wonderful border collies. That final photo really captures their character. Our Belle is quick - like a whippet and old Misty, at 9 is slowing down a bit like your Nessie. They know every word as they get older though - even before I know what I'm going to say! I'll swear Misty can spell too - O-U-T and D-U-C-K as it 'going out' or 'feed the duck' and she runs either to the front door for OUT and the back door for DUCK - how's that for intelligence? It's so good to see yours working - clever girls!