Wednesday, January 22, 2014

First Lambs of 2014

It's very cold here now and will be for the next 2 days and nights. It doesn't look like we are going to get much snow here - the storm is hugging the coast. We're good with that. Makes lambing too complicated. 

Here are some photos of the lambs that have been born thus far. Not quite sure of the count right now - have to do a re-count. 

Since you are probably wondering about the color coding and the numbers, here is what it all means.
-The blue stripe down the backs of both the ewes and the lambs means they were born in the first two weeks of lambing. The stripe color changes on Saturday. This will give The Farmer a good indication of how the lambs are growing.
-The number on the side of both mother and lamb is the order the lambs were birthed in. The mother gets a number and the baby or babies get the same number.
-If the number is blue, the lamb was a single.
-If the number is green, the lamb was a twin. 

There's your sheep farming lesson of the day!


Beth L said...

What about the black lambs? And what color are triplets?

Cherie M in EP CO said...

Happy lambing!

Kam said...

awwwwww They are soooooo cute!

Lizy Tish said...

WOW - so cute. You are going to be so busy!

Auntie Shan said...

well...THAT's one way of picking POWERBALL NUMBERS, huh?
stay warm!

Anna Conway said...

Those lambs are so cute!

bookagent said...

I so look forward to seeing the lambing pictures this time of year! thanks for continuing our education.

SewingDiva PDX said...

Does the paint come off? I assume so or it would mess up the clip. Just curious.

Kat Farmer/van Hookens said...

...great photos, I well remember lambing time on the farm, hard work but so rewarding when they shake their little flappy ears and call out for the first time, thanks for sharing :)