Thursday, January 23, 2014

Ten Below - 39 Lambs

The title of the post pretty much explains everything. The lambs are doing good and can handle the cold just fine. So far, only one has been to the kitchen and it will probably be back tonight. The mother didn't accept it - so we are its Mama. 

The ground is mighty rock hard which makes everything at the barns much more manageable. No mud or muck. Yay cold. Although we could do without the minus part. As you can see from the photo below, there is starting to be a lot of little bodies around.

Here are some of today's arrivals. This mama is part Cheviot and she is pretty wild. She and her lamb were out at the end of the field. It was a challenge to catch them to mark them.

This ewe had the sense to lamb inside the barn. I got to the barn shortly after she had delivered. 

 Here's a close-up. What a sweet face and a good mama.

I think Eeyore likes all of the excitement. He just stands and watches it all. His coat is nice and shaggy now.


If you are local, this Saturday is Winter Fair at the Amherst Winter Farmers Market. Stop by and say hi. Hours are 10 to 2. There are special workshops on growing sprouts, lactofermentation, and how to grow vegetables in the winter. Also a Barter Fair for swapping. Should be fun. 


penny said...

sending warm (but not mud-making warm) thoughts your way for a continued good lambing season!

My name is Erika. said...

That is an excellent new blog header!

Blonde said...

Thank you for all the lovely lamb pictures. They make my day!!!

Auntie Shan said...

;-D yeah. What ERIKA said!
POSTCARD worthy!

And, kinda reminds me of a current YARNBOMB going on in Ottawa for the past few FRIGID DAYS... A GROUP has been wrapping Scarves on a number of "Historical"-Bronze-Figures that are scattered about Downtown, with Tags on stating that they are for the USE of ANYONE needing to keep WARM! -- Although, they aren't nearly as NICE as Yours!

Actually, I'd do up a SNOWMAN myself, but our snow is much too dry. [a good thing when shovelling. THANK YOU!] - I'd probably have an easier time making an ICEMAN! Those snowbanks are on the SOLID side these days... "Carving" could get involved...

Francie said...

I do so love watching lambing season through your blog. Thanks so much for all of the beautiful lamb and mama pictures!

Lizy Tish said...

Oh, those sweet pictures! You capture them so beautifully.

Jules Means said...

I love reading about your adventures..and it totally cracks me up that the lambs and their mummies look right at you taking their pictures!! They are posing for you ;)))

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