Friday, May 16, 2014


The sound of my self-imposed deadline - there it goes. Oh well. I'm not going to be able to keep my promise about the new Kids Aran Knitting Pattern - sorry. It is in the final stages of production but not quite done yet. Here is another little photo of the photo shoot process. That is my Julia (on the left - who used to model for me but is too big now), our friend Emme and her mom Shalee and baby Marlee. You might recognize Shalee - she modeled for my book Color By Kristin. Julia was the flower girl in Shalee and Will's wedding several years ago.

We have been moving sheep around this week. Lots of trips back and forth. The lambs were weaned (most of them) and they are in the pasture in front of our house. Here they are.

Rainy weekend. I'll still be at the Webs Tent Sale all day tomorrow. Stop by if you come and say hi. Bring a cooler if you'd like some of our farm raised meat.

Have a great weekend everyone.


Anonymous said...

Love your work, Kristin!

Just want you to know that the Embroidery for Kids book finally made its way to me. I had you ship it to my sister in New Mexico and she kept it until she was sending a parcel up, then included it. My sister who lives here (I have three in all) kept forgetting to bring it over, but it arrived on Mother's Day, which was perfect! I truly love it!! Hope I get to share some of the projects with a granddaughter or two one day. I have three now, possibly a fourth this autumn, so there's a good chance at least one will have the crafty genes.

Thanks so much! This will be a family treasure; I just know it!
~ Linne

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Kristin Nicholas said...

Hi Linne. Glad the book made it to you. Just in time for summer stitching. Enjoy!

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