Friday, June 06, 2014

Sunflower Fabric Designs

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I've been wanting to design fabric for a while now. In my dreams I hope to be able to sell my designs to a fabric house. Those are dreams and I am realistic that there are literally thousands of people like me who want to have a fabric line. All I had to do was buy a copy of Uppercase #21 to dash those dreams away - oh the talent that is out there - astounding.

Last week, my friend Cynthia came to visit and I was showing her some fabrics that I designed and had printed for myself on Spoonflower. I used Adobe Illustrator and some drawings that I handpainted and scanned. I learned how to do a seamless repeat via a Youtube video by "Sew Heidi" - you can find it here. Thank you Heidi! I also used this book - Mastering the Art of Fabric Printing and Design by Laurie Wisburn

After Cynthia left, I decided to take the leap and let the public buy my fabric via Spoonflower. I'm going to slowly release some different designs. The first is called Sunflower + Stripes. It comes in both a vertical and horizontal design. It is a very large scale print. I had it printed on their linen/cotton canvas.

Here's a quilt back I made with it. It is wrinkled because it has been put away in a box - sorry - no time to iron it. 

Here is a chair pad I made with it for our kitchen chairs. 

This fabric would make a gorgeous tablecloth or a canvas bag too. Spoonflower has several different fabrics that you can purchase including cottons, linens, silks and more. They sell wrapping paper and wallpaper too! You can order samples from them - I always buy the sample first before ordering yardage to make sure I like the design. 

The way Spoonflower works is if you purchase this design from them, they will print it and I will get a very small commission. Remember - this is digitally printed fabric so it is a bit different than screen-prints you purchase at the fabric store. Ask them the questions, not me because I really know nothing about the wear, washing, etc. They have an awesome help chat line and answer questions quickly if you can't find the info on their website. It is a bit pricey but not really when you think of what they are selling - small runs of custom printed fabric.

So I guess I have realized my dream - I am a fabric designer albeit very small time! Hope you like! Have a great weekend. 


Lindy said...

WOW!!! :D Kristin, I love this fabric. What a great way to liven up a winter dreary house. I'm also thinking what a great summer sundress this would make in a nice drapey cotton/linen.

patty said...

I just ordered a swatch. I too, have been tossing around the idea of designing fabric.


Auntie Shan said...

We're going to have to start referring to you as the "MARIMEKKO of MASSACHUSETTS"!

Actually, have you tried contacting IKEA? - I was just going through their current [Canadian] fabric selection... Your Stuff would fit right in!

Loco Lindy said...

These look GREAT, I hope you do really well with them, Kristin.

Lines of Beauty said...

Love the chairs. You're such an inspiration scrumptious.

Kristy said...

That is amazing! I never considered who or how fabric got created. I LOVE your design style and love this fabric. Keep creating them, so that, one day, when I have the funds, I can purchase several yards. Never stop creating, please. I love everything you churn out.

Lizy Tish said...

Congratulations! Beautiful design!

tjf said...

Kristin! I love the fabric you designed! And I second Kristy - never stop creating! I love your designs and patterns. And your blog. :)

Thanks for brightening my days!

Jules Means said...

Oh how neat!
Had to laugh because I just got my one and only issue of Uppercase and it was #21. I ordered it on ebay of all things and you're right, it's super! :) Jules