Friday, July 18, 2014

Students Coming + New Kits are Up on My Website

Here is a bouquet of helianthus that I picked last night from my garden. I love this plant - it puts out so many beautiful little blooms. I've been doing a little series on my Instagram feed called #bouquetaday. I'll try to keep it up as all the blossoms keep appearing. Here's my Instagram feed. Sheep and lambs in the winter, flowers in the summer. That's what I seem to be about.

I'm still preparing for the first students coming to the farm tomorrow to learn Crewel Embroidery! All the things I wanted to get done won't happen. So many goals and so little time. At least the floors are all washed. That was a job in itself. 

Can't get to the farm - check out my On-Line Crewel Embroidery Class - link on left sidebar.

If you have been following along this week, just want to let you know all the new Vintage Country Embroidery Kits are now up on my website and available for sale. They are $9.95 plus shipping and are also available as a set of 4 for $35.00. Here is the link to my embroidery supply page.

If you are an international customer, please order through my Etsy site as it is functional for overseas customers. Here is that link.

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