Friday, July 18, 2014

Vase and Flowers - Vintage Embroidery Collection Now Available!

All this week, I have been previewing some fun, quick and easy embroidery kits that are for sale in my web shop today. Here's the last design - it is called "Vase and Flowers". I had to include some flowers and a piece of pottery - they are such stalwart decorating accessories in our home.

The fabric comes pre-printed and all you will need to do is stitch the outlines. Or you can go further as I did - adding cross stitches to the gingham fabric and polka dots to the "wallpaper".  Fun and simple summer stitching when you don't quite want to tax your brain too much - or are just beginning to learn to stitch. A perfect project for kids too.

The kit comes with the fabric and how-to instructions and photos of what I did. Use your own odds and ends of embroidery cotton floss. You should feel free to decorate as you wish using your own favorite stitches. 

When you are done stitching, there are lots of uses for these kits. I sewed my embroidered panel onto a piece of linen and then added a bit of rick-rack to up the vintage vibe. You could use them in a quilt or frame them. 

Check out my web shop for more information and to order the Vintage Country Embroidery Collection. Kits will begin shipping next week. If you live overseas, please order through my Etsy shop.


Jennifer said...

Kristen, these are great designs! Thank you for continuing to give us so many opportunities to work with your designs. Keep up the great work!

obat herbal stroke said...

just blogwalking.. Nice post and have a nice day :)

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