Tuesday, September 30, 2014

More Sunflower Inspiration


The sunflowers are almost done now. Here's a shot at dusk a couple weeks ago. It was beautiful that day. Good thing I snapped them. 

Thought I would share a project I made 3 years ago for my 50 Sunflowers to Knit, Crochet, and Felt book. This project got canned by the publisher. I guess they just didn't get me or else thought the project wasn't worth the pages. I was inspired by sculpted relief tiles and thought I could turn some crochet into a plaque for the wall. Turning crochet into art - that would be a good thing. But no, it was too far over the top. 

Here's the plaque as it hangs on our porch.

Here's a side view - you can see the all the pieces and the shapes of the petals and leaves.

Here are a few process photos. I crocheted a shaped center and stuffed it w/ fiberfill.

This photo shows all the pieces before assembly.


After I made the whole thing, I added wire to the back of the crochet to make the pieces bend and curl like real flowers. I glued it onto a wooden plaque I got at the craft store. Then I painted the whole thing in acrylic paint in a color similar to cement. 

What do you think? Sometimes my work is misunderstood I suppose.


Vicki Knitorious said...

Oh, what a beautiful photograph! I always think of my mother when I see sunflowers... Thank you!

I love plaque!

Vicki (knitorious on Ravelry)

Robin said...

I think it's beautiful!

Claire said...

Can't for the life of me, think why your publishers didn't like it because I think it is beautiful and it has given me an idea for a rose version for my Mum, who loves yellow roses.

ellen said...

My goodness, I think it is just perfect and stunningly beautiful.

Kathleen said...

Beautiful photograph! Can you turn it into some notecards? Would love them!

Carolyn said...

Love the plaque! Such an interesting and unique idea!

Auntie Shan said...

Hurry! Put a "copyright" on IT! Or else, IT'll soon be in a Craft Store near you!! -- Anyhoo, LOVE IT! -- So, do you think the "process" would work with your other Flowers..?

BTW, seeing the above Sunflower pic just reminded me... Yesterday, whilst taking a few residential back-streets to a nearby grocery store, I spotted someone's front garden with a big patch of Sunflowers! Only got a quick glance as I was a tad busy with driving, against glaring sunlight... Whatever, THOUGHT of YOU!!

Wanda said...

JK Rowling was turned down a good many times by publishers who thought Harry Potter was just all wrong for children. Ha! Bursts of true creativity probably do go over the heads of some people. I like the sunflower plaque process and result very much, and I bet you had a good time doing it. Going off the path is what I like best. Bravo!

Patty said...

You're in good company if you're misunderstood...so was Van Gogh! Perhaps the publisher thought the project was too difficult for us mere mortals? In my case they were most likely correct!

from rainy West Brattleboro,
Patty M.

Patti said...

Too bad you have to listen to your publisher - love your creativity. Your sunflower looks great. Your next book should be rejected projects since publishers don't know art. You are amazing and thank you for sharing your sunflowers.

jen said...

i think its time to try finding another publisher!

Anonymous said...

Love it! Sunflowers are my favorite and I'd smile every time I looked at that. Publishers - bah! What do they know? ;)

Beautiful photo of the current crop also, Kristin.

Roxanne said...

Hi Kristin,

Love, love, love sunflowers! I have your 50 Sunflowers...book, along with all your other books and appreciate them all.

Your sunflower plaque project is no more over-the-top than sunflowers on a lampshade or polka dots on a vase!

We all have different tastes and likes so keep 'em coming and let us decide.

Ta Da, Roxanne

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