Monday, November 10, 2014

My Handpainted Mural as Wallpaper

Did you know that the mural I painted in our dining room is available as removable wallpaper? The fine ladies at Casart Wallpaper contacted me after they saw my work on the website. I did 3 custom panels featuring the flora and fauna that I see here at the farm. Available in 10 background colors, 4 of the autumn hued choices are on sale for 20% off this month. Check it out here. Below are the three different panels shown on a white background so that you can see all the design motifs. 

Here are 3 of the 4 colors that are now 20% off. 

The women at Casart are so helpful. Prices range from $218 to $347 per panel depending on the width and height of the panel and the weight of the paper. Samples are $9. The wallpaper is very easy to hang - check out my friend Lori's entryway here. It is removable and can be moved to your next home. I am pretty sure if you ordered quickly you could have the panels before Thanksgiving dinner.


Anonymous said...
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ellen kirkendall said...

It's beautiful and unmistakably your work. Also, what odd trolls you have.

Lyn said...

Gorgeous! X

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