Saturday, May 21, 2016

Greenfield Recorder Article + Video of Sheep Shearing at Leyden Glen Farm

A few weeks ago, we did the annual sheep shearing at our farm over two days with two shearers - Kevin Ford and Gwen Hinman. Richie Davis, the senior reporter for The Greenfield Recorder came to interview Kevin Ford as he is a bit of a local celebrity in some circles. How many people do you know that have shorn sheep around the world using blade shears that look they came out of a forge from the Middle Ages? 

Here is a link to the article

Photographer Paul Franz came to document the day and events. He also shot some video and put together this nice little film of shearing at Leyden Glen Farm. Enjoy.

Thanks to The Greenfield Recorder, Richie and Paul for documenting one of the big days here at our farm. 


Lynn said...

Look at all the wool! It makes me want to go spin. Thank you, all of you, for raising sheep near me!

Anonymous said...

You are so lucky to have Gwen and Kevin as your shearers! It's a wonderful video.

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