Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Progress on the Sunflower Bedroom + Two Videos

I've been working away on the Sunflower Faux Wallpaper in the bedroom. It is pretty much finished although there is a small section under the long row of windows that I didn't paint. We have been living in such chaos upstairs with things ripped apart that yesterday I spent the day cleaning it up some and polishing the chests of drawers. When you heat with wood, it really dries out the furniture. It all looks much nicer now. 

This project ended up being more time intensive than I thought it was going to be. First, I painted the walls over. Then I decided to do the woodwork which meant hours of painting little wooden mullions. I made a little video yesterday of how I clean the windows once they are dry. 

Years ago, a friend showed me this trick. It saves hours and the little bits of dried paint clean up easily with a vacuum cleaner. 

Here is another video about how I finished up the flowers. 

I guess I have gone video crazy. I took them with my iphone mounted on this handy dandy gadget attached to my camera tripod. It works great. I'm going to keep practicing with the video on the iphone. There are things like Periscope that artists are using to share their work in progress. I've also been hearing about Facebook Live. Not sure if I am going to go there but seems like some people are having fun with it.  

Tuesday Farmers Market in Northampton this afternoon. Webs Tent Sale (I will have a booth) on Saturday. And Brimfield on Friday. Can't wait to be inspired and maybe pick up some odd things to use in the projects in my new book. Busy week. 

Hope you all have a great week. 


Tricia Neron said...

Love your sunflowers, they look fabulous, but best of all is your tip on how to clean paint off of windows, brilliant.

I am so inspired every time I'm on your site, and I LOVE your book.

Tricia :)

Auntie Shan said...


SERIOUSLY *WISH* that I could go "on the hunt" with you at Brimfield! -- BTW, if you see any GOOD amethyst glassware and/or rhino figurines... take pics!

oh! I know. Blue&White "china" CARPET BALLS! I've been collecting those for decades! If you come across any of those for $5. or under, E-ME! We can make "arrangements"... Nice ones are so difficult to find around here any more... whatever. PICS of any would do as well to quell my "curating" urges...


LannieK said...

Love your sunflowers, Kristin! I may just have to give this a try :-) Thank you!

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