Friday, June 24, 2016

This Week on the Farm - Progress

It's been a busy week here on the farm. Julia is finished with school for the year. Next year she will be a senior. I can't believe it. 

I finally finished the floor in the shed. Here's how the floor looked on about Monday. 

But before that, I forgot to show you the ceiling after 6 cans of white spray paint. I like how it looks. It almost has a blue cast to it which I think is from the reflection of the blue walls. I'm really happy I decided to paint it because the colors of the raw wood and the metal roof were really bothering my aesthetic sensibilities. 

I played with the idea of leaving the flowers on the faux rug just as they were but then decided to keep going with my style of outlining. (Thanks for all your input on that!) Here is a photo of half way done outlining. The flowers really do pop once outlined. Although it takes a steady hand, I like to make the lines thick and thin to give it more of an artistic touch. Interesting how the blue walls are changing the look of the colors on the floor. 

I applied 3 coats of a polyacrylic over a period of days. It will protect the floor. Although this little shed won't be walked in a lot, I thought it good to protect. There are only screens in the shed and because of the dirt that happens on a farm - along with the dirt from the dirt road, it will get dusty. 

Now I am thinking about doing something about window shades just so I can keep the dirt at bay during the off season when I won't be going in and out so much. Decoratively of course. Another opportunity to decorate with pattern! 

I'm also working on painting a little bookcase. I had some leftover yellow paint from the studio door and thought it would really brighten up the space and provide some contrast. My experience with yellows and oranges is that they don't cover well so it will be at least 2 coats of paint. Man my studio is a real disaster. That is how I roll - chaos all over the place. Serious chaos - everywhere I look. It's a good thing inside my head there is some order. Have to get this place cleaned up for the Creative Retreat that will be here in just about 3 weeks. 

While we are talking yellow, check out this gorgeous kitchen in the color of yellow egg yolks. Glorious. See more over on Ben Pentreath's blog. It is one of my very favorites ones to read. He usually posts every Sunday and his photos of England and the UK are fabulous. He also has a new book coming out.  It is called English Houses: Inspirational Interiors from City Apartments to Country Manor Houses. (affiliate link) Can't wait to see it because his last one was so gorgeous and inspirational. 

Bright yellow is really having a moment in the interior world

I also have been in the garden pretty much all this week when not at the Tuesday Farmers Market - planting annuals, cleaning up the little gardens around the house and sweeping up debris. Today is going to be hot along with this weekend. We do desperately need rain. 

My friend Kay sent me this video. Pretty awesome. Tom Riccardi is a local guy and he is frequently featured in photos by Paul Franz in the local Greenfield Recorder. Fun to see a video though.  

Hope you all have a great weekend. Get outside and enjoy the warm weather and long days. 


Anonymous said...

Love your floor 'rug'. Helen

Sally said...

Your shed is brilliant! Thanks for sharing your progress!

Nancy from Chickasaw Country said...

Very classy! It will be a delightful place for creative work. I can see canvas used as roll up shades. They would make another place to demonstrate your artistic talents.

As to getting out and enjoying ---- With a hovering heat dome, it is too hot. I am looking forward to fall.

LannieK said...

LOVE your rug! It's gonna be such a wonderful space for you! The transformation is amazing ~

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