Wednesday, October 26, 2016

It's Not November Yet.... + Some Paint Trends

..... but it sure feels like it. 

Work on the book continues. I was away from the farm for a few days - writing and typing and trying to pull it all together. We got back to the farm and November has arrived a few days early. While I was away, most of the leaves blew off the trees. It is such a stark difference from the gorgeous color of last week. 

Here are a few photos of what it looks like here now. Still pretty, albeit a bit bleak. 

I planted some sunflowers very late and here are the mini-blooms. Sweet. Although we have had frost, anything close to the house has been hanging on. Until next year sunflowers......

We are expecting a hard frost tonight with the possibility of a dusting of snow tomorrow. Brrrrrrrrrr. 

Benjamin Moore released their "Color of the Year" along with a coordinating color pallette. 

How they came around to it.....

Here is the complete "2017 Color Palette" from Benjamin Moore. As you can see, they are still there with the pastels and whites but it is nice to see some more interesting rich and evocative colors being promoted.

I would have loved a job like the women featured in the second video - following color trends and developing a collection. Oh wait - I did that at one time -- but with yarn.

The dark shades looks a lot like Abigail Ahearn's Paint Line that she introduced a while ago. See that here. Hers are really deep and rich but I'm thinking most of America couldn't do them. 

Look at these dark and exotic wallpapers. Gorgeous.

Color trends go around and around. I think it is rather bold of Benjamin Moore to pump the dark shades. It will be interesting to see what the other paint companies say for 2017. 


gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

It looks like your farm switched to the 2017 Benjamin Moore colors ahead of schedule--you trendsetter ;-)! Seriously, it is amaaing to see the difference between your farm and my neighborhood, less than 100 miles south. I am glad to hang on to some leaves for a little while longer...even if its only a few days.
I like Shadow. I prefer brighter colors, over all, but the rich deep purple is beautiful.

Auntie Shan said...

bleak..? ;->
Only YOU could *find* some COLOUR in it all!

It's been windy around here of late, so the EVIL-MAPLE-NEXT-DOOR has managed to smear its Spectral-DEBRIS E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E!! - I'm having to use a plastic shovel to clear off the driveway just to get the car out of the garage! -- I think the Squirrels are operating FALLING-LEAF-RACES!
Meanwhile, no snow, "yet"... However, the "night" is still young! - Although, I suspect YOU'll end up with more of it than us by morning..? - Whatever, just hoping that it'll all wait until AFTER I get my shopping done later. Got my first craft show of the season Saturday after next, so I'm in hyper-"prep"-mode, with way too much to do and NO time to do it in! Hopefully the COOLER temps will entice Folks to BUY my woolly STUFF!? Still have about *6*-WIPs on the go!

WILL I *finish* them IN time..??!!
Stay tuned! :-D
[BTW, there's a hat that I should be able to complete tonight -- I'll send you pics when I can. Has much COLOUR!]

Anyhoo, *hugs* to the GANG!
Stay WARM!!

Adaliza said...

Wow - talk of snow already? Here in Hampshire, UK we're enjoying the most glorious Autumn I can remember. We've had hardly any rainfall for the whole of October so the trees aren't even in their full russet robes yet - they're still that inky shade of green with a few beeches showing off their oranges! I'm planning my new studio colours and have decided on neutral walls and floor (light walls to reflect the light and pale flooring because it was VASTLY reduced)! BUT ... the furniture is going to be colours. I've just been out in the garden painting the cutting table legs INCHYRA Blue (Farrow & Ball) and the table top with be OVAL ROOM Blue ('cos I have some left over from the feature wall in my kitchen). I'm not as adventurous with emulsion as you are Kristen, but hopefully my quilts make up for it! Photos of snow, the minute it arrives, please! One of my boys is off to Canada tomorrow - on a one-way ticket! I suspect he'll be seeing lots of snow!! Ax

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