Thursday, November 03, 2016

Checking it Off the List

First off - kittens. We have a litter that are almost ready to go. All spoken for but they are so sweet. Here they are after running around like crazy things. Pitter Patter Pitter Patter Rush Around and then crash -- into a pile of fur. 

Who is going to Vogue Knitting in Minneapolis? I'm not but I know a whole bunch of people who are. Have fun everyone. 

Here are some of the last garden flowers in my studio. 

I got it done - the first draft of my new manuscript. I sent it yesterday. Yay. 

Next week is the second photo shoot. There will be re-writes too. Another photo shoot in December. Then more editing and proof-reading. Writing a book is a very long process. As I said to Mark the other night - there is a reason why not more people write books. It is a huge amount of work. The part that is very difficult is sitting there - typing and typing and not being able to do other things. But if you don't sit there and do it, it will not write itself. Like other things in life. 

I read once that Patricia Wells - the cookbook author - said of writing books - that you have to put iron shackles to get it done. And it is true - for a long while - I couldn't do anything else - it was hours and hours and days and days. Thank goodness that part is over. Although there is so much work to do. 

Here are some autumn photos I have been meaning to post. Autumn got away from me with this book thing. 

Our dirt road. With Beau. Before the leaves fell. It is cold and rainy and raw here today. Typical November day. 

Here is Beau on the 27th of October while the snow was falling. We got 3 inches. Thank goodness it is gone now. Their fur is growing  in nicely so they are plenty warm for the winter coming. 

Here are some photos of the sheep during leaf peeping. 

This one in the fog is gorgeous. 

Gorgeous day for a photo - the sheep are covered in burrs though. Ugh. 

Hope all is going well for you all. Come back tomorrow for a new book and giveaway opportunity. 


Robin said...

I'm going to Vogue Knitting this weekend and am so excited! Your pictures are beautiful, as always!

fracksmom said...

The last picture I shared on facebook, it looks like a painting

Auntie Shan said...

Got my 1st Craft Fair of "the Season" on Saturday, so I'm going Hair-Tearing with "prep"!! [a.k.a. Trying to FIND all of my "STUFF" and *not* get buried under a STUFFALANCHE when extracting needed "discoveries"!] -- And of course, MICHAEL'S has to have it's REALLY *BIG* Yarn SALE *THIS* Weekend!! I was hoping to NOT *have to* go OUT shopping later today...
..and, oh yeah, my Toilet decided to be on the fritz earlier! -- Like I seriously needed THAT "problem"! Although, I suppose it could be worse..? At least I don't have to deal with...
#It'sSureGoingToSuckToBeYouGuysOnTuesday! ;-}
#ButAtLeastTheCubsWonBeforeHand! :-D

BTW, kudos on getting THE-BOOK out the door!! ONE *LESS* worry!

oh, and Thanks for the BEAU pics! Made my night! :-D

Gerri said...

Congrats on getting the draft in! I am going to store the imagery of iron shackles for my next project. Well, maybe for the article I'm supposed to be writing right now.

I do have one class and one lecture at VKL. I can hear the siren call of the marketplace yarn from 6 miles away!

That last photo is beautiful1 Beau just makes me happy, too.

Vera said...

Congrats on finishing your writing. I LOVE your sheep in the fog picture - beautiful!

Anonymous said...

~ Kudos on getting the manuscript sent!! ~
Your book is already on my list to purchase.
LOVE your Autumn images & oh, kittens * kittens !!
Enjoy your days, ... beautiful SUN here in WI.
Shell ~

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